Affiliate Marketing Business Collection Pack (Over 150 Products)

This is the most complete ever Affiliate Marketing Business Pack that you can find! This amazing pack has been produced by successful affiliate marketers themselves! Over 150 Premium Products with Resell Rights – Tutorial Videos, Audios, Expert Guidebooks, Software and More! This is a huge download!

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Did You Know There Is A Group Of People Online Quietly Earning A Six Or Seven Figure Incomes Selling Other People’s Products Effortlessly Each And Every Year?
… Forget creating products and dealing with customer service and support requests and discover how to generate effortless online cash!

Yes… you can do this through Affiliate Marketing, THE premier way to generate a fortune online, from the comfort of your own home.

There are hundreds of thousands of products you could promote as an affiliate — and you could begin making money as soon as today, even if you have zero experience, no list, no product, and even no web site of your own! Did you know that you could be selling products for companies with reputations like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, BlockBuster, Disneyland and on and on — and get paid fast cash commissions from them too? And all of this in your spare time from the desk your computer is on?

Whether you are brand new to Internet Marketing or an experienced marketer looking to expand your earnings from backend products, you need to read every word of this very important letter!

Picture What Your Life Will Be As A Highly Paid Affiliate Marketer, Working From Your Own Home! Imagine waking up tomorrow — not to the sound of some annoying alarm clock that screams at you to get out of bed and get to work… Rather, imagine waking up whenever you’re rested enough to pop out of bed on your own… Ready to take on the day and all that it offers!

Now picture yourself strolling to the kitchen and grabbing a cup of coffee, tea, or morning juice before walking the 20 feet to your comfortable home office. Next, you turn on your computer and begin logging into your accounts, smiling wide as you find that you have been selling like mad, even while asleep. Hundreds of pounds/dollars in commissions came in just since you went to bed!

Sound like some wild fantasy? Oh — it’s much more than that — in fact, this could be YOUR reality very soon too! This is TRULY the best way to make an income online – period!

There are no limits to what you can earn as an Affiliate Marketer … there are hordes of affiliates earning 6 and 7 figure incomes just from promoting other people’s products!!

The Truth Is You Don’t Need A List, A Product, Or Even A Website In Order To Generate An Enormous Affiliate Income Month In And Month Out…

That’s right — all the normal barriers to creating online income are out the window with Affiliate Marketing. You don’t need a list, a product, or even a web site to get started! It doesn’t matter whether you are a technological whiz or technological newbie, you can easily become an affiliate marketer no matter what your skill, education or background. In fact, Affiliate Marketing is an opportunity for you to kick the day job habit and create the level of income you’ve always desired — the kind that could make you TRULY financially free.

But wait! Like any other proven businesses, behind sweet events, there lies a process. This may seem so easy to do but it really is if ou do it right! All you need is this wonderful product and your willingness to work!

This is the most complete ever Affiliate Marketing Business Pack that you can find! This amazing pack has been produced by successful affiliate marketers themselves!


– Tutorial Videos, Audios, Expert Guides, Software and More!




1. Instant Affiliate Income – Discover The Hidden Secret The Gurus Have Been Using To Earn Massive Commissions Straight Into Their Bank Account Every Month On Autopilot
Video 1: Why Instant Commissions Are The Way to Go
Video 2: Instant Commission Platforms
Video 3: How To Open An Account With JVZOOAffiliate Marketing
Video 4: How To Open An Account With Digiresults
Video 5: How To Open An Account With Warrior Plus
Video 6: How To Choose Profitable Affiliate Programs
Video 7: How To Get Approved As An Affiliate
Video 8: How To Create A Squeeze Page
Video 9: How To Build Your List From Affiliate Marketing
Video 10: How To Send Traffic And Get Commissions
Video 11: The “Bonus Deal” Tactic
Video 12: Tips To Ramp Up Your Instant Commissions Every Month
2. Affiliate Rockstar DominationDiscover The Exact Same System The Affiliate Rockstars Use To Rake In Tons Of Cash Without Ever Creating A Product!
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Ad Copy Structure
Video 3: Adwords Tips And Tricks
Video 4. Choosing Profitable Products
Video 5: Bulletproof Keyword Research
Video 6: Free Traffic Methods
Video 7: HQ Landing Pages
Video 8: The Art Of Presell
Video 9: Spying On Competition
Plus Guidebook: Affiliate Rockstar Domination
3. Affiliate Basics Videos How To Profit From Promoting Other People’s Products
Video 1: Introduction / Where To Find Products To Promote
Video 2: How To Use Article Marketing To Promote Affiliate Programs
Video 3: How To Use Autoresponder Messages To Pre-sell Affiliate Programs To List Of Subscribers
Video 4: How To Use Product Review Templates To Pre-sell And Promote Affiliate Programs Effectively
4. Affiliate Marketing Profits – Earn 5-Figure Incomes Without Having Your Own Product The Correct Way And Effective Way
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Niche Research 101
Video 3: Quick Keyword Research
Video 4. Setting Up Shop Part 1
Video 5: Setting Up Shop Part 2
Video 6: Quick Start Traffic Generation
Plus Guidebook: Affiliate Marketing Profits

5. Affiliate Marketing Basics Video Course – Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing Business
Video 1. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great for Beginners
Video 2. How To Make Life Changing Money As An Affiliate Marketer
Video 3. Make Sure You Only Work with The Best Affiliate Networks
Video 4. How To Be A Well Rounded Affiliate Marketer
Video 5. The Formula To Reviewing Products As An Affiliate Marketer
Video 6. Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Marketing Site
Video 7. Basic Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Blogs

6. Affiliate Niche Cash – Secrets To Becoming A Successful Niche Affiliate
Video 1: Affiliate theme Cash (How To Profit As An Affiliate Using Trends Or Popular Themes)
Video 2: Creating Niche Site For Affiliate Profits Quickly And Easily

7. Affiliate Startup Mechanic – Putting Your Wheels Firmly On The Ground So You’re Not Wasting Your Online Efforts
Video 1: How To Ressearch Keywords
Video 2: How To Get A Domain Name
Video 3: How To Get Hosting
Video 4: How To Upload A Website
Video 5: Affiliate Marketing Explained
Video 6: CPA Networks Explained
Video 7: Promoting Your Site – Part 1
Video 8: Promoting Your Site – Part 2
Video 9: Start Your 6-Figure Business

8. Affiliate Wealth Domination  – Uncovering Top Secret Traits Of The Winning Super Affiliates
Video 1: Affiliate Wealth Domination Training
Video 2: Squeeze Page Setup
Video 3: Traffic Generation Training
Plus PDF Manual: Top Secret Super Affiliates Strategies

9. Give And Get Cash Workshop – Learn To Give To Get Cash In Your Affiliate Marketing Business
Video 1: Learn To Give To Get Cash In Your Affiliate Marketing Business Part 1
Video 2: Learn To Give To Get Cash In Your Affiliate Marketing Business Part 2
Video 3: Learn To Give To Get Cash In Your Affiliate Marketing Business Part 3
Video 4: Learn To Give To Get Cash In Your Affiliate Marketing Business Part 4

10. Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Video Courses Complete Proven System That Shows You How To Make mOney With No Money!

Video 1: Overview of the system.
Video 2: Select your niche and keyword research.
Video 3: Setup your Clickbank affiliate account.
Video 4: Research for effective article writing.
Video 5: Setup your Clickbank affiliate link.
Video 6: Setup Free URL Tracking Program
Video 7: Setup Free Website Part 1
Video 8: Setup Free Website Part 2
Video 9: Effective Social Bookmarking
Video 10: More Social Bookmarking Websites
Video 11: Blog and Ping Marketing
Video 12: Article Marketing – Submitting Articles Part 1
Video 13: Article Marketing – Submitting Articles Part 2
Video 14: Setting Up a Squidoo Lens
Video 15: Setting Up a HubPages Page
Video 16: Writing an Effective Press Release Part 1
Video 17: Writing an Effective Press Release Part 2
Video 18: Best Places and Methods to Submit a Press Release Online
Video 19: Create Video – Find Free Royalty Free Pictures
Video 20: Create Video – Editing Pictures with Free Software
Video 21: Create Video – Record Audio with Free Software
Video 22: Final Steps in Creating Video
Video 23: Submitting Video Online
Video 24: More Places to Submit Your Online video
Video 25: Blog Post Marketing
Video 26: New Ideas for Implementing This Campaign
Bonus Video 1: How to effectively use for niche research.
Bonus Video 2: How to uncover the best keywords to go after.
Bonus Video 3: More amazingly simple yet powerful keyword research methods.
Bonus Video 4: How to use an underground magazine website to uncover more hot niche markets that can crank out cash like lightning

11. Niche Blog Affiliate Profits
Video 1: Average Joe Blog Building
Video 2: Setting Up Your WordPress Blog
Video 3: Monetizing Your WordPress Blog
Video 4: Promoting Your Blog With PayPerPost
Video 5: The Ebay Affiliate Program
Guidebook 1: Affiliate Programs For Your Niche
Guidebook 2: Niche Blog Automation
Guidebook 3: Free Blog Traffic
Guidebook 4: Choosing A Domain For Your Niche
Guidebook 5: Longtail Niche Keywords
Guideobok 6: How To Find Hot Niches
PLUS! Bonuses (Blog Profits Blueprint, Blogging Cash Course, Blogger Adsense Guide, Murder Your Job)

12. Super Affiliate Video Marketing – Underground Video Marketing Secrets That Will Turn You Into A Super Affiliate At The Speed Of Light
Video 1: Getting Started with Video Marketing and What you Need
Video 2: How to Upload Your Video to a video site
Video 3: How to Upload Your Video(s) to Multiple Sites
Video 4: How to Embed Video into Your Website or Blog
Video 5: Tracking your statistics
Video 6: How to Monetize your Videos (Adsense, Preselling, etc).

13. Affiliate Profits Blueprint – Generate Effortless Online Cash Without Creating Any Products And Dealing With Customer Service And Support.
Video 1: What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Video 2: What To Look For In A Good Program
Video 3: Finding A Product To Promote
Video 4: Clickbank Walkthrough
Video 5: The PayDotCom
Video 6: Affiliate Programs In Google
Video 7: Affiliate Marketingg 101
Video 8: How To Write Articles
Video 9: Boosting Conversion Rates
Video 10: Using Classified Ads
Video 11: Using PPC
Video 12: Viral Marketing
Plus! PDF Transcrips
and Two Bonus Reports
– Affiliate Compass (Finding Your Way To Online Success)
– Real World Affiliate Profits (Make Real World Profits From Real World Products)

14. Amazing Super Affiliate – Step by Step Guide Showing You One Of The Easiest And Most Effective Ways To Earn Online Today
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Finding Products To Promote
Video 3: Picking Keywords
Video 4: Picking Domain Names
Video 5: Writing A Review
Video 6: Adding More Content
Video 7: Product Comparisons
Video 8: Link Building
Video 9: Monitoring And Improving Conversions
Video 10: Success Tips
Video 11: Scaling Up
Video 12: Summary
Plus! Transcripts, Reports And Powerpoint Presentations

15. Super Affiliates Commissions – Secrets Of The Super Affiliates Minds Revealed!
Video 1: Secrets of the Super Affiliate Minds
Video 2: Identifying a Profitable Niche
Video 3: How to Pick Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs
Video 4: Your Residual Affiliate Profit Funnel
Video 5:  Super Affiliate Traffic Methods
Plus MP3 Audio Files And PDF Transcripts

16: Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – Discover How To Make Crazy Money With Affiliate Marketing
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Video 3: Why Affiliate Marketing?
Video 4: Are Businesses Using Affiliate Marketing?
Video 5: Top Affiliate Network
Video 6: The 7 Steps Secret
Video 7: Main Affiliate Research
Video 8: Additional Research
Video 9: Squeeze Page Setup
Video 10: Autoresponder Setup
Video 11: Advertising
Plus! Voice-Over Audios, Transcriptions, PLR Article Pack, Presentiation Slides, Training & Report, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map and more!

17. DigiResults Affiliate Exposed – How To Set Up Your Product On The DigiResults Platform
Video 1: Introduction To DigiResults
Video 2: Product Vendor Checklist
Video 3: Map Out Your Sales Funnel
Video 4: Gathering And Uploading Your Pages
Video 5: Setting Up Your Product On Digiresults
Video 6: Make A DigiResults Payment (Button/Link) And Add To The Sales Page
Video 7: Using The DigiResults Affiliates System
Plus! Complete PDF Transcriptions And Powerpoint Presentations

18. Affiliate Business Link Techniques Video Tutorials
Video 1: How to Turn Long Or Affiliate Links Into Short & Pretty Links
Video 2: How to Cloak Your Affiliate Links
Video 3: How To Set Up A Redirect To Mask Your Affiliate Link

19. Super Affiliate Secret Video Tutorial
– Video File

20. How To Insert Clickbank Affiliate Banner To Any Website Or Blog
MP4 Video Course

– Video File


1. Affiliate Marketing Audio Package
Audio 1: A Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer
Audio 2: Easy Affiliate Profits
Audio 3: How To Become A Super Affiliate
Audio 4: The Three Most Common Affiliate Mistakes
Audio 5: The Three Ways Of All Affiliates
Audio 6: Three Ways To Boos Affiliate Income
Audio 7: Using Camtasia
Audio 8: Using Product Recommendations
Audio 9: Which Affiliate Networks To Choose
Audio 10: Which Affiliate Programs To Choose
2. 30 Day Formula Money Making Secrets Virtual Seminar Series
by Matthew Glanfield and Todd Gross
Audio 1: Introduction
Audio 2: Tellman Knudson – The Man Who Started It All
Audio 3: Jim Cockrum – Ebay Business Guru
Audio 4. Harris Fellman – Top Secret Topics
Audio 5: Bob Jenkins – The Affiliate Marketing Teacher
Audio 6: Martin Salter – Affiliate Marketing Guru
Audio 7: Derrick Van Dyke – The Man Behind Affiliate Cash Secrets
3. Enlightened Affiliate – Explode Your Affiliate Income With Outsourced And Automated Methods
Audio 1: The Big Flaw Behind The IM Industry
Audio 2: The Art Of Delegation
Audio 3: All The Cliches Are True
Audio 4: Hunting For Powerful Niches
Audio 5: The Picture Means Everything
Audio 6: The Content Crown
Audio 7: The Backlinking Solution
Audio 8: Stuff I Avoid
Audio 9: Where To Go, What To Know
Audio 10: Your Step By Step Action Plan
Audio 11: Final Thoughts
Audio 12: Complete List Of links
Plus! PDF Guidebook, Article Pack, And List Of Golden Amazon Products
4. Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed (Audio-Ebook, Internet Connection Maybe Required)
Audio 1: Introduction To Affiliate Income
Audio 2: How To Protect Your Affiliate Sales
Audio 3: Building Mini-Sites For Affiliate Profits
Audio 4: Creating Ebooks For Affiliate Profits
Audio 5: Turning A Content Site Into Dollars
Audio 6: The List, The List, The List
Audio 7: Popups — Yes or Not?
Audio 8: Turning Articles Into Affiliate Income
Audio 9: Forums For Fun And Profit
Audio 10: Your Affiliate Income Plan (And Beyond)

5. Affiliate Marketing Superstar
Audio 1: Introduction And Finding Affiliate Products And Services To Promote
Audio 2: Creating Your Affiliate Promotion Plan
Audio 3: Writing Your Concepts
Audio 4: Testing, Tracking and Traffic
Audio 5: Superstar Affiliate Marketing Do’s And Don’ts
PLUS Full MP3 Audiobook, PDF Transcript

6. Super Affiliate Secrets Uncovered
– 4 Parts Audio Courses
– PDF Guidebook

7. High End Affiliate Marketing Secrets – How To Successfully Sell High End Affiliate Products
– 2 Parts Audio Courses
– PDF Guidebook

8. Affiliate Marketing MasterClass – Advanced Strategies To Quickly And Easily Profit Through Selling Other People’s Products
– MP3 Audio File

9. Covert Affiliate Marketing Tactics – How To Make Automatic Income Online With Other People’s Products
– Audio File

10. Miracle Commissions – Create Unlimited Wealth From The Internet
– MP3 Audio File + PDF Ebook


Guidebook 1: The Master Guide To Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
The Step By Step Guide To Making Huge Profits Online Selling Other People’s Stuff

Guidebook 2: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (PDF)
The Essential Guide For Creating Massive Profits Online With Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 3: Affiliate Marketing 101 (PDF)
8 Easy Lessons In Affiliate Marketing Basics

Guidebook 4: Affiliate Marketing Info Pack
Affiliate Marketing Guide, Affiliate Money Machine, Commission System, Commission Swipe

Guidebook 5: Affiliate Commission Power Up (PDF)
Secrets Of High Powered Affiliate Campaigns

Guidebook 6: Affiliate Marketing Know How (PDF)
Proven Strategies To Maximize Your Earnings

Guidebook 7: Affiliate Marketing For Newbies (PDF)

Must-Know Information For Beginner Affiliate Marketers

Guidebook 8: Affiliate Cash Machines (PDF)
Proven Simple Strategy Shows You How To Stay On Top Of Your Competition & Make Money In 7 Days

Guidebook 9: Affiliate Income (PDF)
How To Earn BIG Profits Online Even If You Have NO Products, NO Website, and NO Experience

Guidebook 10: Affiliate Compass (PDF)
Finding Your Way To Online Success

Guidebook 11: Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
An Easy To Understand Introduction To The Lucrative World Of Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 12: Affiliate Genesis (PDF)
Learn How To Get Traffic For Pennies And Cash In With Your CPA Offers

Guidebook 13: Affiliate Marketing Revealed (PDF)
25 Things You Must Know For A Successful Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 14: Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map (PDF)
Get On The Road To Long Term Affiliate Success

Guidebook 15: 10% Conversion Affiliate (PDF)
How To Make An Extra $400-$2,000 Every Month

Guidebook 16: Affiliate Greed (PDF)
The Complete Cash Generating Strategy For Brand New Affiliate Marketers
(Complete With Bonus Affiliate Report And Articles)

Guidebook 17: Hot And Fast Affiliate List Building (PDF)
Secrets To Successful List Building For Affiliates

Guidebook 18: The 48-Hour Affiliate Action Plan (PDF)
Learn How To Set Up Your Online Empire In Less Than 2 Days

Guidebook 19: Affiliate Marketing And Success Systems (PDF)
Generate Autopilot Income Today

Guidebook 20: Affiliate Marketing Kickstart (PDF)
Passive Income Has Never Been So Easy

Guidebook 21: Affiliate Marketing Master Plan (PDF)
Let Others Do The Work For You

Guidebook 22: Affiliate Marketing Power (PDF)
How To Make Money Online With Other People’s Products

Guidebook 23: Affiliate Marketing Profits Unleashed (PDF)
Your Essential Guide To Making Money As An Affiliate

Guidebook 24: Affiliate Marketing Handbook (PDF)
These Powerful Strategies Will Have You Making A Fortune With Affiliate Marketing Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

Guidebook 25: Affiliate Marketing Resolution (PDF)
Effective Steps To Become The Top Affiliate Marketer In Any Niches Within The Next 12 Months

Guidebook 26: Affiliate Marketing Profits (PDF)
Learn The Basics Of Setting Up Wildly Profitable Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Guidebook 27: Affiliate Review Riches Exposed (PDF)
How To Generate Residual Income Using Affiliate Review Techniques

Guidebook 28: Affiliate Blogging (PDF)
Create Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Guidebook 29: Affiliate Blueprint (PDF)
Complete Top Secret Profit System

Guidebook 30: Affiliate Rockstar (PDF)
Become A Rockstar Affiliate And Make Big Money

Guidebook 31: Affiliate Success Blueprint (PDF)
How To Become Wildly Successful Without Your Own Product

Guidebook 32: Affiliate Tracking (PDF)
Art Of Getting Paid More With Less Effort

Guidebook 33: Affiliate Traffic Sniper (PDF)
Discover Over 8 Powerful Wealth-Generating Methods You Can Use To Make A Living From Selling Products You DON’T Have To Create

Guidebook 34: Affiliate Unlocked 3.0 (PDF)
Discover The Powerful System To Building Lifetime Profits

Guidebook 35: Become A Master Affiliate Marketer (PDF)
How To Make An Absolute Killing Selling Other People’s Stuff Online

Guidebook 36: Commission Swipe (PDF)
Piggyback Off Million Dollar Launches For Massive Commissions

Guidebook 37: Copy The Super Affiliates To Success (PDF)
An Easy To Follow Guide To Successful Affiliate Marketing By Doing What The Super Affiliates Do

Guidebook 38: Easy Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Become The Best Affiliate In The Business

Guidebook 39: Emergency Affiliate Plans (PDF)
A Step By Step Approach Affiliate Marketing Guide

Guidebook 40: Expert Guide To Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
The Essential Guide For All Would-Be Affiliate Marketers

Guidebook 41: Finding The Best Affiliate Products To Promote (PDF)
Become A Top Affiliate Marketer Today

Guidebook 42: Gary Shawkey’s Affiliate Marketing Secrets (PDF)
Become An Expert Affiliate Marketer Overnight

Guidebook 43: Affiliate Marketing Strategies (PDF)
How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 44: Instant Commission Playbook (with Intant Commission Swipe File)
Affiliate Marketer’s Action Plan To Fast And Easy Profits
Guidebook 45: Keys To Affiliate Profit (PDF)
Your Guide To Becoming A Super Affiliate For The New Internet 2.0

Guidebook 46: Magic Affiliate Cash (with 10 Things An Affiliate Marketer Should Stay Away From)
Those Who Want To Bring Extra Money During The Holidays

Guidebook 47: Movie Affiliate Cash (PDF)
How You Can Profit From The Biggest Industry In The World, The Movie Industry

Guidebook 48: Newbie’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Start Making Money With Other People’s Products Today

Guidebook 49: Operation Affiliate Cash (PDF)
Complete Affiliate Marketing Domination Strategy

Guidebook 50: Real World Affiliate Profits (PDF)
Make Real World Profits From Real World Products

Guidebook 51: SILO Profits (PDF)
THow To Create High Profit Affiliate Websites

Guidebook 52: Preselling Secrets (with Sneaky Cost Cutters Exposed)
Take Your Affiliate Profits To The Next Level

Guidebook 53: Successful Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Guide To Becoming Successful In The World Of Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 54: Super Affiliate Marketing Edges (PDF)
Keep most Of The Affiliate Marketing Fortune To Yourself And Deprive Your Competitors

Guidebook 55: Super Affiliate Wizard (PDF)
100 Magical Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Guidebook 56: Super Affiliate Mini Training
Become A Super Affiliate In Just 7 Days

Guidebook 57: Super Affiliate Rocket Blasters (PDF)
Blast Your Way To Becoming A Super Affiliate

Guidebook 58: 100 Crazy Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions (PDF)
How To Generate A Huge Online Affiliate Income Promoting Physical Products

Guidebook 59: 7 Most Common Mistakes Made In Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
A Must Have Guide For All Affiliate Marketers

Guidebook 60: The Beginner’s Affiliate Handbook (PDF)
The Only Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer You Will Ever Need

Guidebook 61: Top Affiliate Tactics (PDF)
Discover Over 8 Powerful Wealth-Generating Methods You Can Use To Make A Living From Selling Products You Don’t Have To Create

Guidebook 62: Winning The Affiliate War (PDF)
How To Stay On Top Of The Affiliate Marketing Competition

Guidebook 63: Affiliate Marketers Handbook (PDF)
Your A To Z Guide To Becoming A Super Affiliate

Guidebook 64: Affiliate Action Plan (PDF)
25 Things You Must Know To Be One Of The 10% Of Affiliates Who Succeed

Guidebook 65: Affiliate Marketing Simplified (PDF)
The Principles Of Affiliate Marketing Explained

Guidebook 66: Affiliate Power (PDF)
Put Your Affiliate Profits On Autopilot

Guidebook 67: Surf For Affiliate Profits (PDF)
Click Your Way To Affiliate Riches

Guidebook 68: Affiliate X Files (PDF)
Covert Black Hat Methodology In Affiliate Marketing

Guidebook 69: Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
This Is Where The Money Is

Guidebook 70: Super Affiliate Master Plan (PDF)
Guarantee Your Success And Beat The Odds

Guidebook 71: Viral Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
How To Suck In Unstoppable Affiliate Commissions Through Articles

Guidebook 72: Fundamentals Of Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Guidebook 73: 7 Ways to Hidden Affiliate Profits (PDF)
Guidebook 74: Affiliate Marketing Messages Pack
Guidebook 75: Super Affiliate Tips Pack (PDF)
Guidebook 76: Affiliate Competition Destroyer (PDF)
Guidebook 77: Affiliate Marketing Ideas (PDF)
Guidebook 78: Affiliate Marketing In A Box (PDF)
Guidebook 79: Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart (PDF)
Guidebook 80: Internet Guide To Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Guidebook 81: Affiliate Marketing Pocket Guide (PDF)
Guidebook 82: Not Another Affiliate Marketing Guide (PDF)
Guidebook 83: Affiliate Secrets Explained (PDF)
Guidebook 84: Creating A Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages (PDF)
Guidebook 85: Secrets To Creating $5 and $10 Affiliate Creampies (PDF)
Guidebook 86: The Finer Points To Affiliate Marketing Success (PDF)
Guidebook 87: Mass Affiliate Payday (PDF)
Guidebook 88: Master Affiliate Secrets (PDF)
Guidebook 89: Raking In Affiliate Cash With A Simple And Easy To Use Blog (PDF)
Guidebook 90: Simple Affiliate Secrets (PDF)
Guidebook 91: Unstoppable Affiliate Marketing Profits (PDF)
Guidebook 92: 7 Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Guidebook 93: 10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions (PDF)
Guidebook 94: 15 Assorted Affiliate Marketing Wisdoms (PDF)
Guidebook 95: How To Boost Your Income With Affiliate Marketing (PDF)
Guidebook 96: How To Make Money With Affiliates Alert (PDF)
Guidebook 97: Beginners Affiliate Handbook (PDF)
Guidebook 98: Instant Affiliate Cash-Pumping Tips Revealed (PDF)
Guidebook 99: 3 Things an Affiliate Marketer Need To Survive(PDF)
Guidebook 100: Simple Affiliate Success (PDF)

PLUS! Huge Affiliate Marketing Article Pack

(Bonus Items)

1. Affiliate Whisper Software – Simple WordPress plugin to secretly hide your affiliate links from your visitors to boost commissions up to eight times!
2. Affiliate Ads RotatorRotate any ads that can make you money while keeping your visitors
3. Affiliate Fire ExtinguisherA simple tool that creates special “link hiding” pages, which can significantly boost profits
4. Affiliate JumpA Simple tool that saves you time by quickly and easily creating redirect pages for affiliate programs you belongs to, hinding  your links
5. Affiliate Link WeederFind the most profitable affiliate program to promote and weed out those low paying affiliate programs that waste your time and effort.
6. Affiliate Link Cloaker Pro A WordPress plugin that will cloak as many links as you need, right from WordPress without ever having to code the redirect.
7. Affiliate Postcard GeneratorSend audio-video affiliate digital postcards to your customers in less than 5 minutes!
8. Affiliate Cash Buddy – A simple software that helps you create redirect pages for affiliate links
9. Affiliate Warrior Software Pack Affiliate Warrior Software (Affiliate marketing in stealth mode), Blog Warrior Software (Find and comment on blogs), Directory Warrior Software (Manage your directory submission compaigns), Forum Warrior Software (Manage your forum marketing campaigns), Keyword Warrior Software (Discover profitable niche markets)
10. Click MagnetPlace unobtrusive ads on your website easily with Click Magnet software.
11. Cloaker 4 Pro A link cloaking software that helps save your affiliate commissions by at least 300%!
12. Cloaker ShadowStop losing your hard earned commissions to nasty affiliate thieves and add credibility while promoting athers with this mighty software.
13. Cloak That Link – A very easy to use software tool that will hide your affiliate links and make it look more professional
14. Cloak URLEasy to use and SEO friendly software to shorten URL’s and brand your own sites.
15. Desktop URL ShrinkerShrink long URLs and hid your affiliate links now right from your desktop with this amazing software.
16. Instant Affiliate Link MaskerEncrypts and hides your affiliate link so you won’t lose any more affiliate sales
17. e-Magic LinkderConverts the keywords in your html, php or txt documents into money making affiliate links and powerfully effective anchor text.
18. Quicklink Affiliate Cloaker A simple software that easily hides your affiliate link to keep it safe and looked professional.
19. Smartlinks V2.0 Turn your affiliate links that nobody wants to click on, into more user-friendly personal endorsements that practically force your prospects to visit your affiliate page
20. Super Affiliate Detective 2.0Super Affiliate Detective is a software solution that could skyrocket your online sales and profits, drive tons of traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings by uncovering super affiliates for you.
21. Affiliate Marketer’s Toolkit Protect your affiliates commissions and increase click rates by as much as 900%
22. Turbo Affiliate Link Grab an unfair advantage over other affiliates by adding 4 commission boosting tools to any affiliate link in seconds.
23. URL ClampShrink long URLs and hide your affiliate link right from your desktop!
24. Affiliate DirectorAn awesome software/training package that gives you all of the tools that you need to get started with affiliate marketing.
25. Affiliate Link Cloaker Script A script that cloaks your lengthy affiliate link
26. Affiliate Resource SiteAn incredible 3 in 1 tools to start increasing your click rate and raking in big bucks with affiliate marketing
27. Link Shrinker Make those ugly URLs a professional looking simple URL that is personalized with your own domain
28. My Secret Link Cloaker
29. Link Exchange Pro, Post Affiliate V1.0 and PHP Affiliate V1.2
30. More Software (Affiliate Customizer, Affiliate Defender, Affiliate Power Ads Quick Script Creator, Eazy Link Cloaker, Xtreme Affiliate Link Cloaker, Xtreme Affiliate Page Generator plus! Affiliate Link Cloaking Technique Manual)


Please Note:

Software Tools, Web Template and Reserach Lists are Bonus Items thus NO technical support is being offered for these bonuses. Although these items have been tested to be safe and fully functional, we assume NO responsibility of the use of these items. The use of bonus Software and Scripts is entirely at user’s risk. This Product is not tested with Macintosh and Other Operating Systems other than Windows. We recommend this product to run on Windows OS Only.



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DOWNLOAD SIZE – Over 3.77+ Gigabytes (Instant Downloads in ZIP)
          CONTENTS: Video Courses, Audio MP3s, Ebooks, Software, Scripts And More
          RESELL RIGHTS LICENSES: MRR, PLR + Sales Materials


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