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ATTENTION: How to Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products Through Clickbank. Learn to Optimize Your Affiliate Conversions on the Clickbank Marketplace! Download this product today!




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Contents – MP4 Video Course, MP3 Audio, PPT Presentations, PDF Guidebook and Marketing Pack

ATTENTION: How to Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products Through Clickbank
“Learn to Optimize Your Affiliate Conversions on the Clickbank Marketplace”


ClickBank is one of the first affiliate merchant networks on the Internet, and still gaining popularity since it started in 1998. It is the largest marketplace for digital products, and for this reason, it’s become the go-to for marketers who want to promote e-books, video tutorials, and other electronic services. It wins out in many of those categories, even more than Amazon.

Of course with a focus on this market in particular, the door is wide open for scammers and schemers to take advantage of the site, using their 90-day money-back guarantee to get promotion without paying agent overhead, and there have been some more aggressive tactics taken by marketers with their promotion.

In short, it’s a great site, for both marketers and affiliates to expand their respective businesses, but for affiliates in particular, you will want to tread carefully.

This isn’t to deter you from using the service, as there are a lot of great products and partners to be found, but as with any affiliate program, you want to use your due diligence to make sure that you are providing the best service to your readers.

It’s also a very easy marketing agency to use, and you can get rolling quickly. If you run a tech site, a book blog, or anything of the sort, you can generate a lot of revenue for the best products, and enrich your user experience easily with reviews and promotions for products that aren’t so easy to promote with other affiliate marketers like Amazon.

Like any other affiliate marketplace, ClickBank aims to connect the digital content creators and affiliate marketers. It caters both to Vendors and Affiliates. Through ClickBank, Vendors can create digital products and market them on ClickBank through affiliates. The affiliates, on the other hand, can make money by promoting products that are of direct and immediate use to their readers, thus pushing good content, and making money in the process.

So how do you actually make money from Clickbank? One of the most popular methods has to be combining Adwords and Clickbank but that’s already passé especially with the Google slap already ‘slapping’…

I’m assuming you’ve already researched a niche and found a product or products to promote. If you haven’t already done so, please do that. Once you’ve done that, create a ‘landing page’ that pre-sells the product.

This is a must-do. In this page (and you should keep it short), bring out the 3 biggest benefit of the product and create an opt-in form. If you’re selling a dog training product you could list out points like

:: Train your dog up to 10 new tricks per day using just 5 minutes with this ‘secret’ obedience model

:: Potty training that is guaranteed to work! No more stinky and stained furniture!

:: Your friends will wonder in amazement and scratch their heads wondering how you managed to train your dog to such obedience (not to mention the tricks) in just a matter of days!

Of course, these are just a few examples of what you could include in your landing page. I’m sure you can come up with many other better examples. Remember to include an opt-in box that re-directs them to the sales page once they opted in.

This is the crux of the ‘secret’. Start pumping out articles and submit it to as many article directories. I would say write an article a day and mass submit it so it works out to around 30 articles a month. Include a link to your landing page in the author resource area.

Keep this up and you’ll have a steady stream of traffic and sales coming in. Now this is where the fun begins, set your articles to be displayed to them on your auto-responder.

You can promote other dog training related products at the end of each article.

There’s no additional work, just load the articles you’ve already written into the auto responder and your prospects will be exposed to your quality content and offers over and over again!

This really is an easy way to build a super targeted list and get a stead flow of sales from Clickbank!

Comes with Video Course, MP3 Audio, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF Guidebook, and lots of Marketing Essentials!


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