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CONTENTS: 30 Premium Outsourcing Videos, MP3 Audios, Guidebooks, Article + Marketing Pack

Revealed Now – What the Gurus have know for Years! There are only so many hours in a day…

“If you don’t Outsource You Don’t Have a Business”

Want To Discover How You Can Easily Outsource Your Business Without Pain Or Worries? You Are About To Discover The Tips And Tricks To Do So!


As your business expands, which is a good thing, you know the greatest challenge is not traffic, search engine optimization or anything else at this current moment. It is to find people who are willing to perform the menial and mundane tasks that you don’t want to face because your focus is on building your own business…not wasting time on the menial.

Ask yourself this though – If your business has just taken off, are you willing to sacrifice a little bit of cash to invest in building yourself a stable, solid team of part time employees?

If your answer is No, consider this:

Your business expands and money flows in. But you’ll have to keep on updating your blogs and search for new content to do so.

– When it comes to writing you sales letters, you struggle and waste a whole day to do when an experienced copywriter could settle within 3-4 hours. 

– You spend a week or 2 attempting to create your new product, build up the squeeze pages, sales letter, back end pages and loads more.

– Customers who have problems with your product or service take up tickets and wait for an eternity for you to solve their problems only to demand a refund in anger later.

– Slowly, bit by bit, your regular customers stop buying from you in frustration because your product and after-sales service dropped drastically.

Could all of this have been avoided? You bet! 

You see, not only the gurus, but many seasoned marketers outsource the mundane and tedious tasks to experienced freelancers to handle. You’re not talking just copy writing and web design, but even areas such as content creation, programming and more!

The problem is, where do you find affordable freelancers and how can you get the best deal out of them? 

Well, that’s not a problem, thanks to this OUTSOURCING MASTER PACK created specially to help novice marketers like yourself deal with such a pressing issue!






Business Outsourcing

1. 100 Outsourcing Techniques (PDF Guidebook, Branding + Bonus)

2. Build Your Business with the Benefits of Outsourcing (PDF eBook, Document + Marketing Pack) A simple guide to effective leadership.

3. Business Outsourcing (PDF eBook = Marketing Pack) – A blueprint on successful business outsourcing.

4. Digital Project Creation and Outsourcing 101 (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) A roadmap to digital product success.

5. The Get Rid of Your Business Workshop (4-Parts Videos) Learn to outsource your entire business.

6. Guide to Smart Outsourcing (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – When to outsource and when not to outsource.

7. Hire a Ghost Writer Handbook (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – Why write your own books when you can use the ghost writer’s handbook.

8. How to Outsource to Grow Your Business (MP3 Audio, PDF Guidebook + Marketing Pack)Stop spending much time being everything yourself and get other people to build your business for you!

9. How to Outsource Anything to Anyone (PDF eBook and Marketing Pack) – 10 tips on how you can find the right people to build your business for you!

10. How to Outsource Internet Marketing (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) Outsource your works and get talents from around the world.

11. Micro Project Outsourcing (MP3 Audios, PDF eBook, eCourse + Marketing Pack) How to hire thousands of outsources for as little as 4 cents per micro project with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

12. Outsourcing Secrets (7 – Parts Videos, MP3 Audios, PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) Earn more while working less!

13. Outsource Explosion (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – Explode your business profits by letting other people do the work for you!

14. Outsource Synergy (3 – Parts Videos, MP3 Audios, PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – Multiply your profits, slash your burden into half, and free your time!

15. Outsource to Success (PDF Guidebook + Marketing Pack)How to build an army of professionals who will help you take your business to the next level!

16. Outsource Your Business (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) Quality information at your fingertips.

17. Outsourcing Blueprint (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) Outsourcing secrets revealed!

18. Outsourcing Cheat Sheet (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – 10 tasks you can outsource today and where to outsource.

19. Outsourcing for Internet Marketers (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) How to get other people to do the hard work for you!

20.Outsourcing for Your Business (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) – Everything you need to know about successful outsourcing.

21. Outsourcing Masterclass (Video) – plus eLance outsourcing video.

22. Outsourcing Secrets (PDF eBook, Articles, Checklist + Marketing Pack) – The step-by-step guide to outsourcing your business so you can gain more time.

23. Outsourcing Secrets Guidebook (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) – Your guide to outsourcing success.

24. Outsourcing Your Life (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) Avoid the pitfalls of poor outsourcing practices and maximize output.

25. Practical Guide to Business Outsourcing (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) How to work on your business not in it!

26. Smart Outsourcing (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – Growing your business through outsourcing.

27. Sourcing and Hiring the Best Web Designers (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) Step-by-step guide to finishing the best possible web designer for your budget.

28. Underground Outsourcing Strategies (PDF eBook + Marketing Pack) – Discover how to leverage other people’s skills to grow your business.

29. Understanding Outsourcing (PDF eBook, Articles + Marketing Pack) – Discover exactly what outsourcing is & how it can help your business!

30. Outsourcing Help Wanted (Video, MP3 Audios, PDF eBook) – Why your business needs outsourcing.



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