The Colonnade College Newspaper Vintage Collection 1925-1975

Collection of a College Newspaper in Georgia, USA Spanning from 1925 to 1975. This is a Rare Collection! Go back in time and witness a certain school events in Georgia, USA, through their collection of vintage school papers! Download this Rare Collection now!

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CONTENTS: Collection of a College Newspaper in Georgia, USA Spanning from 1925 to 1975

“Rare Collection!”

Go back in time and witness a school events through their vintage school papers!


The Colonnade is the official student newspaper of Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia in the United States. The newspaper is managed, edited and published by the students of Georgia College, with assistance and guidance of a faculty advisory. The Colonnade was established in 1925 and has been published regularly since that date. This collection contains some digitized issues of this school newspaper spanning from 1925 to 1975.


Georgia College was chartered in 1889 as Georgia Normal and Industrial College. Its emphasis at the time was largely vocational, and its major task was to prepare young women for teaching or industrial careers. In 1917, in keeping with economic and cultural changes in the state, Georgia Normal and Industrial College was authorized to grant 4-year degrees, the first of which was awarded in 1921. In 1922, the institution’s name was changed to Georgia State College for Women. The university has been a unit of the University System of Georgia since the system’s founding in 1932. Mary “Flannery” O’Connor entered as a freshman in 1942. Active in student publications, she graduated three years later and became one of the South’s most noted writers. Also during World War II, Georgia State College for Women served as one of four colleges that trained WAVES for the U.S. Navy. After the war, enrollment declined as women preferred co-educational colleges. The name was changed to Woman’s College of Georgia in 1961, and, when the institution became coeducational in 1967, it became Georgia College at Milledgeville. The name was shortened to Georgia College in 1971.[5] In August 1996, the Board of Regents approved a change of name to Georgia College & State University, and a new mission as Georgia’s Public Liberal Arts University.


50 Vintage School Newspaper Collection in PDF File Format

The Colonnade July 20 1925
The Colonnade October 8 1925
The Colonnade October 20 1925
The Colonnade November 23 1925
The Colonnade First Edition December 1925
The Colonnade Second Edition December 1925
The Colonnade January 1926
The Colonnade February 12 1926
The Colonnade March 13 1926
The Colonnade April 7 1926
The Colonnade May 6 1926
The Colonnade October 6 1926
The Colonnade October 26 1926
The Colonnade November 25 1926
The Colonnade November 17 1926
The Colonnade December 17 1926
The Colonnade October 15 1928
The Colonnade January 12 1935
The Colonnade October 28 1935
The Colonnade October 18 1941
The Colonnade May 7 1953
The Colonnade January 14 1956
The Colonnade December 7 1957
The Colonnade April 18 1959
The Colonnade September 24 1960
The Colonnade October 8 1960
The Colonnade October 22 1960
The Colonnade November 5 1960
The Colonnade April 15 1961
The Colonnade April 29 1961
The Colonnade January 25 1963
The Colonnade February 8 1963
The Colonnade February 15 1963
The Colonnade February 22 1963
The Colonnade December 13 1963
The Colonnade May 29 1964
The Colonnade October 1 1964
The Colonnade October 15 1964
The Colonnade October 30 1964
The Colonnade October 5 1973
The Colonnade January 18 1974
The Colonnade January 10 1975
The Colonnade January 17 1975
The Colonnade February 7 1975
The Colonnade March 7 1975
The Colonnade April 11 1975
The Colonnade April 17 1975
The Colonnade April 28 1975
The Colonnade May 2 1975
The Colonnade May 9 1975


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