Master Resell Rights Download. We produce and carefully repack high quality niche products and packages where you can use and resell and keep 100% of the profit. We also provide absolutely free products and services to help you out with your business and life challenges. We’re based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

All our products are solely or combinations of our own creations, items with Resell Rights (MRR/RR), Private Label Rights, USER, GNU/GPL, and extracts from internet freebies and the public domain. The use of items with resell rights must be bound to the rules and limitations imposed by the accompanying resell rights licences. The use of public domain materials shall be bound by the rules specific to a certain country where the material is used. Internet Freebies are being distributed as desired by the producer.

Resell rights are classified according to the degree of what you can do with the products. It is classified as Normal Resell Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR), Private/Public Label Rights (PLR) or Brandable/Branding Resell Rights. Resell rights mean that purchase of the item permits onward selling it to other customers. There may be limitations, such as the requirement to the product at a specific price. When a product comes with resell rights it usually permits unrestricted sale of the product with permission to keep 100% of the profit. Master resell rights or master resale rights include permission to pass on resell rights along with the product to customers. In short, if you buy a product with master resell rights and then sell it, your customer may resell the product for profit as you did. With Private label rights, purchasers may not only resell the product but may also edit the content or product and claim it as original work (in effect, becoming its author). Private Label Rights vary, with licenses offering full authorship while others limit distribution, and restrict what can be done with the content (restricted private label versus unrestricted private label). In general, any digital product that allows you to change the content and claim its authorship can be called a Private Label Rights product. With rebranding resell rights, the purchaser may replace the author links with their own. That is in addition to normal resell rights. Typically, resell rights can not be sold with any rights other than regular distribution. Source code such as DOC or PSD files are not usually included, giving the buyer little control over the content, and no option to edit existing material.

The public domain materials are ideas, images, sounds, discoveries, facts, texts or videos that is unprotected by intellectual property rights and free for all to use or build upon. Countries have different rules regarding the use of public domain materials so better check that out.

We always produce and repack our products with pride, meticulously checked and inspected with care for guaranteed customer satisfaction. We add new products every day and immediately remove products that are outdated and no longer useful. We only add and keep high quality products as we value quality rather than numbers. We don’t keep outdated products just to increase our numbers. We are also experienced web developers and cPanel certified web hosting providers. We provide industry standard, safe and efficient website and web hosting services to our members. Our customer support ticket system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to effectively serve you and efficiently sort out any issues regarding our products and services.

We always ensure that all Resell Rights products are up to date at the time of posting. However should there be future updates, we’ll make sure that all our subscribers should not be left out with the product updates. We will post them immediately as soon as they’re available.

Free products can be downloaded instantly without becoming a Member but you need to be a Member to download member products.

You can register as an MRR Member through the ‘Membership’ link at the home page’s top bar or the ‘Register Now’ button in each of the member products.  There’s a membership fee of just $19.99 per month which has to be paid to gain access to all our member only downloads and exclusive services like premium courses, free professional websites, web hosting and marketing funnels.

YES, because we want to give our members the privilege to create their own online businesses for FREE whether to resell our products or any business that they can think of. However, the web hosting allocation is not automatic. You must contact us so we can set up your premium website and web hosting manually for you.

You have the complete freedom to create your own website via our built-in easy drag/drop website builder or choose from among our premium WordPress websites and we will install them for you, all you need to do is edit them to however way you want. Our premium websites are very versatile, they can be redesigned to any layout and textures or anyway you want. If you wish to use the built-in website builder, you can also choose from among 200 professionally built template which you can easily edit in minutes and get it published for just a click.

Yes of course. Our web design team can do that for you at a certain fee. As every website has different requirements and functionalities, please CONTACT US for a free quote.

Absolutely. Your web hosting is equipped with one-click WordPress installation. As you’ll be getting a cPanel web hosting, you are able to migrate/import/export any websites you want. You can also choose from among our complete ready-to-edit Premium WordPress website. All you need to do is choose your favourite website HERE and let us know so we can install the complete website for you.

MRR Download is an authorized provider of Shared Web Hosting and Marketing Funnels. Our members’ Premium Websites are provided by OceanWP. We chose OceanWP Websites because of their ease of use, powerful features and functionalities which we believe provide lots of flexibility and options to our members. We are not connected nor affiliated to OceanWP but we are licensed to use their awesome products to our members’ websites.

You’ll have your own Control Panel (cPanel) hosting with 2TB Bandwidth, 5GB Disk Space, 2GB of RAM, 100 Email Accounts, Unlimited FTP, Subdomains and Databases, Free SSL, Daily Backups, Full-page Caching, and many more perks.

No we don’t. You can use your existing domain name or purchase a new domain name elsewhere e.g. godaddy, namecheap, fidfilehost, among others then just point the nameservers to NS1.MRRDOWNLOAD.COM and NS2.MRRDOWNLOAD.COM. You should be able to easily do it at your domain account dashboard in no more than a minute or ask your domain provider to do it for you. You can also contact our SUPPORT if you need help for the domain.

Your free web hosting comes as a privilege for being an MRR Download member so it  is designed to be there as long as you’re an active MRR Download member. Should you cancel your MRR Download membership, you’ll be given a sufficient time of 30 days to download/export all your data before your web hosting is cancelled. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse this service to any business listed in our terms and conditions under the ‘Refusal of Service’ clause.

At MRR Download, we are offering Cloud Funnels to our members for absolutely FREE. With Cloud Funnels, you can create powerful funnels, email marketing campaigns, set up membership landing pages, and analyze your marketing seamlessly. You can create unlimited sales funnel, launch funnel, webinar funnel, lead & opt-in funnel, subscription membership, training membership, software membership, landing page, corporate sites and other custom marketing pages. This installation is not automatic. You must contact us so we can set this up for you manually.

Yes but it’s only available for web hosting, website and funnel installation issues. You can open a TICKET HERE and we’ll deal with it as soon as we can. Due to limited resources we may not be able to offer technical support in any works that are taking place inside your website or funnels such as editing, adding pages, installing plugins, email system, etc. but we will be providing you guides and tutorials to help you out. Besides, there are also lots of efficient YouTube videos around and Social Media groups to support you with anything to do with your website.

Absolutely. All online payment transactions will be processed by Paypal, one of the biggest and most secured payment processors in the internet. You can pay via your Paypal account, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or any medium supported by Paypal. Please check our Privacy Policy regarding our personal data management.

You can start downloading our member products immediately after payment. It is an unlimited download. Please take note that some very large files specially our flagship package editions may take hours to download depending on the speed of your internet connection. You can also start creating your own business website – contact us first so we can manually setup a website/web hosting account for you.

As long as you’re an active Member, you can download our products anytime and as many as you want.

Many of our packaged products come in very large sizes ranging from hundreds of megabytes to several gigabytes and may take several minutes to hours of download time depending on the speed of your internet connection. For your easy, organized, and convenient downloads, we’ve split them into parts so you don’t need to download the product in one go but you have the option of stopping until you have another convenient time to continue and finish the download.

Many or our products come compressed in Zip file which can be decompressed using Winrar, Winzip or 7-Zip. You can download 7-Zip here for free – HERE.  Mac users shouldn’t have problem decompressing these files.

These products are either public domain materials or come with resell rights. You can create your own products to sell and earn money. You can also learn the arts of trades, profitable services, life challenges, techniques on business and marketing, and many more. These materials are also essential for any projects or hobbies that you may have. If you don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it, we have series of Free Courses from product creation to graphic works to help you out with your business.

Absolutely. As the contents of our products come with resell rights, produced by us for our customers, or extracted from the public domain, you can do whatever you want with them provided the accompanying resell rights and public domain regulations have to be followed and respected. You can also use without restriction the accompanying sales pages for each of our product’s contents where available. However, you are not allowed to sell or distribute the “packaged products” by any means in its present state, it must be broken down, repacked, or sold individually. For any issues on licenses and copyright infringement, please Contact Us or you drop your message to cust_support[at]

You are provided with review box in each of our products’ ads, you are free to give your expression of satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the product/s you’ve downloaded. We take all praises and opinions seriously for the improvement of our products. For any concerns regarding the products you’ve purchased, please Contact Us or drop your message to cust_support[at]

You can cancel your Membership at anytime. This can simply be done by just clicking the ‘cancel’ link in your Membership dashboard. You can also rejoin the Membership anytime you wish. Your access to premium products will stop as soon as your Membership is cancelled but all the member products you have already downloaded are yours with all the rights on them. Please let know that we upload at least 1 new free and member products everyday.

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