Celebrity Editable Infographic Pack

Business Is Expanding At Such A Rapid Rate That You As A Savvy Entrepreneur Will Want To Use Professionally made Infographic Templates To Outperform Your Competition.

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30 Editable Infographics in PSD and JPG File Formats



Creative Ways To Use Infographics For Your Business

Reading written texts can be exhausting sometimes. This is maybe not the case for bookworms, but when you read for the purpose of learning, it can be a tedious task. This is where Infographics come in. With Infographics, some messages can be conveyed easily and comprehensibly. Most of us would shy away from written texts. They could be, let‟s face it, dull and boring. Plus, it‟s hard to absorb all the information from just text.

With Infographics, information can be relayed to everyone, including the ones who would turn themselves off upon seeing rows and rows of texts. There are texts in Infographics, but very minimal because the idea of Infographics actually is to use mainly, but not exclusively, graphics to convey messages. When these Infographics were designed, each one has its text cut down as much as we could. If we could cut more, we would. But some texts are necessary. That is why we believe Infographics are a powerful way to communicate. It incorporates two mediums into one, which makes communication easier than ever.

What to do with infographics

  • Share them on Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and others.
  • Share on Company’s Closed Network.
  • Print them out
  • Use them for personal use/projects
  • Infographic ideas


30 Editable Celebrity Infographics (People’s Historical Page)

Celebrity Infographics



You Can Make an Amazing Infographic Yourself, Edit It Very Easily, And Present It In A Masterful Way!

Engaging Your Audience In An Exciting Way Is One Of The Most Important Benefits Of Infographics.

Business Is Expanding At Such A Rapid Rate That You As A Savvy Entrepreneur Will Want To Use The Latest Technology To Outperform Your Competition.


What You Can Use This Infographics For?

• Promotion
• Social Media Posts
• Commercials
• Projects
• Webinars
• Presentations
• Any Graphical Projects you have
• Plus Much Much More!

How To Edit And Customize These Infographic Templates According To Your Requirements?

– There are so many ways to edit and customize these templates, one of the most common tools is Photoshop, Gimp or Pixlr. We have Free Courses on how to use these graphic tools at our Free Courses area. There are lots and lots of things you can do with these Infographics templates, there’s no limit to your capability!




Private Label Rights (PLR)

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[NO] Can be given away



Download this Amazing Product for FREE! This pack comes with Master Resell Rights. Use them and/or sell them and keep 100% of the profits!


DOWNLOAD SIZE – 102 MB (Instant Downloads in ZIP)
          CONTENTS: 30 Editable Infographics in PSD and JPG File Formats
          LICENSES: Private Label Rights (PLR)


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