Confidence and Positive Thinking Package Edition (60 Premium Products)

Become Successful Beyond What You Ever Imagined. Learn How to Obtain the Midas Factor Through Positive Thinking so That Everything You Touch Turns to Gold. 60 Premium Producs with Resell Rights – PDF Guidebooks, FLV Videos and Audio MP3.

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5 Sets of FLV Videos & MP3 Audios and Over 52 PDF Guidebooks
Complete with Resale Rights and Marketing Pack!

Positive Thinking, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Believing, Determination, Persistence, Conquering Fears, And More!


Ever wonder how it seems that some people just
seem to be successful at everything they do?
Well we want to show you how you can tap
into some of that success for yourself …

Research conducted in the USA has found that those who practice positive thinking live 19% longer than those who do not. It has also been discovered that those who implement positive thinking into their thought process tend to be more successful in both life and business. Ever been with somebody who is down all the time? Most people prefer to develop both romantic and business relationships with somebody who seems cheerful and greets them with a smile.

This Amazing Package will provide you with valuable information that can help change your life!

Learn exactly what positive thinking is and how anybody can apply it to their own lives.
Discover the real power that comes with positive thinking – how it allows you to influence those around you and change your environment into one of success.
Find out how to use the power of positive thinking in your body language and posture.
Realize your unlimited potential for success once you implement positive thinking into your thought process.
Uncover the biggest threats to positive thinking and learn how to conquer them.
Learn how to get started implementing positive thinking and its power for success into your life.
And much, much more!

By Developing Your Confidence And Positive Thinking, You Can Become the Successful Person You Were Always Meant to Be!

Video1 – 5 Easy Tricks to Stay Calm in a Stressful Situation 03:03
Video2 -5 Style Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence 02:44
Video3 -5 Ways Life is Better When You Feel More Confident 02:51
Video4 -Confident Body Language for Anyone 02:50
Video5 -How to be More Assertive While Still Gaining Respect 03:01
Video6 -How to have 100% Certainty in Your Entrepreneurial Venture 03:10
Video7 -How to Overcome Social Anxiety Easily 03:12
Video8 -How to Speak More Confidently in Any Situation 03:29
Video9 -Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence 03:09
Video10 -Three Things You’re Doing That Damage Your Confidence 03:05
Plus! PDF Guidebook, Audios and Marketing Pack

These Products Come With Resell Rights (MRR/PLR/USER) + Sales Materials!

FLV VIDEO & AUDIO MP3 PACK With PDF Guides and More!

Product 1: Concrete Confidence (How To Develop The Confidence To Monetize Any Industry – FLV Videos + PDF Guidebook)Confidence And Positive Thinking Audio Video
Video 1: Getting Ready (00:04:56)
Video 2: Getting Started (00:06:39)
Video 3: Kick It Into Gear (00:04:50)
Video 4: 3 Tips For Building Self Confidence (00:03:58)
Plus Concrete Confidence PDF Guidebook

Product 2: Positive Thinking Affirmations (Audio Affirmations For Positive Thinking And Building The Right Mindset – Audio MP3 + PDF Transcript)

Product 3: Hypnotherapy For Positive Thinking – Audio MP3

Product 4: The Self Esteem Workbook (Technique For Global And Personal Transformation – 3 x Audio MP3 + PDF Guidebook and Marketing Pack)

Product 5: Dealing With Setbacks (10 x Audio MP3 + Articles)



Guidebook 1. You Can Achieve Self-ConfidenceConfidence And Positive Thinking Guides (Improve Your Relationships, Your Self & Your Life)
Guidebook 2. Advanced Affirmation And Atraction (The Art Of Using Power Strategies To Get Ahead In Life)
Guidebook 3. The Art Of Positive Thinking (Learn How You Can Tune Your Mind And Attract A Positive Lifestyle)
Guidebook 4. How To Believe In Yourself And Gain Mastery (Your Destiny Is In Your Hands – Master Yourself And You Will Conquer The World)
Guidebook 5. Believe It And You Will Achieve It
Guidebook 6. Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights (With Techniques For Both Adults And Teenagers)
Guidebook 7. Building Self-Confidence (Learn To Live Life Feeling Strong, Confident And Self-Assured)
Guidebook 8. How To Build Your Self Esteem In Just One Weekend (Discover How To Build & Improve Your Self-Esteem)
Guidebook 9. The Confidence Confidant (Your Trusted Guide To Building Confidence And Succeeding In Anything)
Guidebook 10. The Confidence Factor (Harnessing The Power Of Unlimited Self Confidence)
Guidebook 11. Confidence And Social Supremacy (Develop The Skills And Network Like A Star)
Guidebook 12. Confident Creaturs (Create Your Ideal Lifestyle By Realizing Your Ful Potential Through Confidence)
Guidebook 13. Confident Kids
Guidebook 14. Conquer Your Fears (10 Techniques To Conquer Your Fears)
Guidebook 15. Courage And Confidence (Summon The Giant Within And Take Control Of Your Destiny)
Guidebook 16. Courage Commando (Develop Enough Courage To Win In Any Battle)
Guidebook 17. Courage Conqueror (Tips To Building Courage In Your Life)
Guidebook 18. Create Childhood Confidence (Valuable Info On Helping Your Child Build Confidence)
Guidebook 19. Cut Out Negativity
Guidebook 20. How To Develop The Guts To Talk With Anyone (Develop Inner Confidence That Manifests Outwardly)
Guidebook 21. Dream Domination (The Blueprint For Courage To Make Your Aspirations Come True)
Guidebook 22. Ego Evolution (The Reasons Behind And The Plan To Build A Healthy Ego)
Guidebook 23. Fearless You (How To Conquer Your Fears Using Simple Techniques And Live A Better Life)
Guidebook 24. Finding Your Confidence (Practical And Effective Self Help To Develop Your Confidence And Raise Self Esteem)
Guidebook 25. How To Gain Confidence (How To Get On Top Of The World)
Guidebook 26. How To Improve Self-Confidence (Discover How You Can Tap Into Your Own Psyche & Build Your Self-Confidence)
Guidebook 27. I Can Do It! (200 Empowering Self-Help Tips To Help You Achieve Anything In Life)
Guidebook 28. Investing In You (Using The Power Of Positive Thinking)
Guidebook 29. Manifest Your Dreams (Make Your Dreams A Reality)
Guidebook 30. Master The Art Of Positive Thinking (Change Your Mindset To Change Your Destiny)
Guidebook 31. Miracle On Demand (Discover Endless Possibilities Through Positive Thinking)
Guidebook 32. Say Anything To Anyone – Anywhere (Develop The Strength To Say No, The Courage To Say Yes And The Conviction To Convince Anyone)
Guidebook 33. Wrong Way Warrior (A Humorous Look At How To Fail And Still Profit Greatly From Failures)
Guidebook 34. I Can Therefore, I Will (Unleashing The Full Potentials Of Your Mind)
Guidebook 35. Negate Negativity (Dealing With Negative People And Bringing The Positive Out Of Them)
Guidebook 36. Overcome Shyness 101 (Discover Your Inner Confidence To Overcome Shyness)
Guidebook 37. Path To Positive Thinking (Positive Thinking Mastery For Achieving Goals And Overcoming Fears)
Guidebook 38. Pool Of Positive Thinking (Learn How You Can Tap Into Your Own Positive Mind Power)
Guidebook 39. Positive Power (How To Maintain Your Resolution To Cut Out The Negativity)
Guidebook 40. The Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age (Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age)
Guidebook 41. Positive Thinking As The Key To Success (How Positive Thinking Can Be A Great Tool Towards Leading A Successful Life)
Guidebook 42. Positive Thinking The Key To Success (Learn How to Obtain the Midas Factor Through Positive Thinking so That Everything You Touch Turns to Gold)
Guidebook 43. Positive Thinking Powerplay (10 Steps To Success)
Guidebook 44. Pruning The Elements Of Death In Your Life (Discover How You Can Give Yourself New Life By Cutting Off Sources Of Negativity)
Guidebook 45. Self-Esteem Booster (A Positive Outlook For A Positive Life)
Guidebook 46. Solid Confidence Affirmation (Simple Steps To Raise Your Confidence Levels Easily)
Guidebook 47. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Effectively In The 21st Century (An Updated Guide To Living Free Of Worry In The Knowledge Era)
Guidebook 48. Strong And Confident Warrior (Release Your Inner Strength And Confidence Even If You Are A Timid Person)
Guidebook 49. The Art Of Self-Confidence (The Ultimate Secrets Of Confidence And Construction Change)
Guidebook 50. The Power Of Positive Thinking (Positive Thinking Can Help You To Achieve Success, Happiness And Wonders In Your Life)
Guidebook 51. The Power Of Positive Thinking For Rich (There Are Many Reasons Which Lead People To Not To Be Rich. Try To Think Over About Yourself And Find Which Factor That Affects You Then Start To Make A Change)
Guidebook 52. The Path To Courage (Proven Ways To Bring Out Bravery)



This pack contains all the essentials of Confidence and Positive Thinking Success under the terms of Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and User Only Licenses. Use them and/or sell them and keep 100% of the profits!


DOWNLOAD SIZE – Over 450++ Megabytes (Instant Downloads in ZIP)
          CONTENTS: PDF Guidebooks, FLV Videos and Audio MP3
          RESELL RIGHTS: MRR, RR, PLR, USER + Sales Materials


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