Customer Support & Virtual Assistant Package Edition (30 Premium Products)

Here’s How You Can Use The Same Profit-Boosting Strategy As Many Of The Big Companies, By Offering Visitors a  24/7 Live Chat Support Either Your Own Live Support bot or Outsourced Virtual Assistant!

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CONTENTS: 30 Customer Support & Virtual Assistant Guides and Software + Marketing Pack with Master Resell Rights! Sell it and keep 100% of the profit!


Here’s How You Can Use The Same Profit-Boosting Strategy As Many Of The Big Companies, By Offering Visitors a  24/7 Live Chat Support Either Your Own Live Support bot or Outsourced Virtual Assistant!

Do you know what the majority of your visitors will do when they see something on your blog that they are unsure about?

The answer is actually quite simple, but may surprise you.

In most cases, the visitor will just leave your site.

You probably have a contact form or helpdesk, so people can easily ask you a question.

But tests have shown that most people couldn’t be bothered to fill out a form, fill in the captcha box and then wait around for an email reply. It’s all just too much hassle.

So instead, most visitors will just move on – and forget all about your offer.

That’s why so many of the big companies now offer live chat on their websites, to give visitors an easier way to ask questions.

But of course these companies have dedicated support staff, who can be available to answer questions at any time of the day or night.

For a small business, it’s just not practical to provide that sort of 24/7 support.

Which is where Support Bots and Virtual Assitants come into play!

But with your MRR Membership, you can get all these hot selling products now!





Customer Support and Virtual Assistants

1. 24 Hour Helpdesk Guru PDF eBook – How to setup a helpdesk for free!

2. WP Assistant Creator Plugin – A helper (assistant) that is a sequence of text, tootips and dialog window that guides visitors through different pages of your site. It can be launched automatically upon arrival on page (once or everytime), or when a visitor clicks on a specific element!

3. Auto Support Bot – Here’s How You Can Use The Same Profit-Boosting Strategy As Many Of The Big Companies, By Offering Your Visitors 24/7 Live Chat Support on Your Websites, Even While You’re Sleeping!

4. Customer Relationship Mastery PDF eBook All you need to know in customer relationship!

5. Customers Are King PDF eBook – Maintaining customer relations and why it is important.

6. Customer Service Guides and Checklist

7. Customer Service and Retention Guides and Templates

8. Customer Service Crash Course – Discover what good customer service is and why it is vital to the success of your business.

9. Customer Support System Made Easy Video Course – 7 x video courses on how to set up your own support system quickly and easily.

10. Go Mobile Customer ContactRevolutionize the way your communicate with your waiting customers.

11. Helpdesk Assistant – A simple helpdesk software for your website.

12. Hire Your First Virtual Assistant Video Course – 3 video courses on effective ways to hire your virtual assistant.

13. Hiring Virtual Workers Guide and Articles – How to hire virtual workers successfully.

14. Live Support Video Course – Simple way to setup your own live support.

15. Marketer’s Help Desk – Provide super easy to setup topnotch customer support and increase profit.

16. Online Customer Engagement Guide and Articles – Increase customer magnetism today with this amazing guide!

17. OS Ticket Support Desk Video Course – Installing and configuring your own OS Ticket support system.

18. Private Customer Portals Using WordPress Video Course – In this video you’ll learn how to create a private customer portals using WordPress.

19. Smart Agent Pro Install your own automatic sales assistant!

20. Super Help Desk Girl – Provide topnotch customer service support and increase profits.

21. Super Simple Support Desk – Now You Can Have Your Own Powerful Support Desk System That Will Allow You To Support Any Web Site From One Install And Give Your Visitors A Seamless Experience.

22. Support Chat WordPress Plugin – Lets you quickly put an interactive live chat box inside of any WordPress site.

23. Support Desk Profits – Making your helpdesk profitable!

24. VIP Help Desk – Your web-based support & service desk for your site visitors, prospects & customers!

25. Viral Video Box WordPress Plugin – Brand Audio and Video players with your logo, content and add time-stamp call outs such as a pop-up notice, flashing button and auto-responder optin popup. Plugin allows you to create unlimited players and publish using a simple shortcode. Include social media, and even an embed code for users to share you customized player!!

26. Virtual Assistants Guide, articles, checklist, infographics and more How to run a successful virtual assistants business!

27. Virtually Free Guide, – Free your precious time by hiring a virtual assistant!

28. Virtual Vibes Guide and Articles – Running a successful virtual assistant business.

29. Work From Home Virtual Assistant Audio MP3 and Transcripts

30. WP Support Bot – This software allows you to easily add an automated live chat feature to your blog. The chat window works just like a real live chat, but the responses are all fully automated, so you get the benefits of live chat, without having to actually provide live support.



LICENSES: Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights (MRR/RR/USER)



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