Dog Care, Training and Grooming Package Edition (Over 70 Products)

Huge Package of PDF Guidebooks, Audio MP3, Software, Dog Niche Ready Websites And Blogs! Everything You Need For Training, Caring And Grooming Your Own Dog Or Setting Up A Profitable Dog Related Niche!  Over 60 Premium Products with Resell Rights – A Complete Package Just For You!
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Contents: Huge Package of PDF Guidebooks, Audio MP3, Software, Dog Niche Ready Websites And Blogs + Marketing Packs with Master Resell Rights! Sell them and keep 100% of the profit!


Everything You Need For Training, Caring And Grooming Your Own Dog Or Setting Up A Profitable Dog Related Niche!  A Complete Package Just For You!



Dogs are an integral part of human society on every inhabited continent on Earth. They drive livestock and protect it; police property; scent and detect illicit substances; haul sleds; retrieve game; guide the blind; search for and rescue the lost and injured; comfort the lonely; hear for the deaf; or simply add a sparkling natural reality to the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. A dog is man’s bestfriend.
As we move from an agrarian to an urban culture, dogs are in many ways one of our last and most important links with the natural world. We get pleasure from caring for our gardens and for our pets.


Dog Training and Breeding

Grooming and Clipping

Vaccinating and Dental Care

Feeding And Vitamins

Raising a Happy Puppy/Dog

Dealing with Fleas and Other Parasites

Keeping The Dog Healthy

Health Insurance

and Many Many More!

These Products Come With Resell Rights (MRR/PLR) + Sales Materials!

Dog Caring, Health And Information Pack

Guidebook 1. Adopting A Dog (The secret to a successful adoption)
Guidebook 2. Caring For A Healthy Dog (Keeping your dog healthy and happy)
Guidebook 3. Chow Chows Revealed (Discover everything you need to know about Chow Chows)
Guidebook 4. Curing Dog Separation Anxiety (End bad dog habits forever)
Guidebook 5. Dog Basics For Newbies
Guidebook 6. Dog Bite Prevention (The ultimate way to teach your dog not to bite)
Guidebook 7. Dog Breeding (The basics you need to know)
Guidebook 8. Dog Care Duty (What is needed to take care of your best friend)
Guidebook 9. Doggie Deciding (Choosing man’s best friend)
Guidebook 10. Dog Health Exposed (Save your dog’s life, prepare for emergencies and stop disease before it starts)
Guidebook 11. Dog Owners Guide (Owning and training your dog)
Guidebook 12. How to Build a Dog House
Guidebook 13. How to Have A Healthy Dog (Discover how you can insure that your dog is the healthiest pet alive)
Guidebook 14. How To Pick A Pet For Your Child (Find the perfect animal companion for your child)
Guidebook 15. Taking Care Of Your Pet Dog And Cat (Know what your little angel needs)
Guidebook 16. The Pet Whisperer
Guidebook 17. The Ultimate Dog Care Kit (Caring for your dog has never been so simple)
Guidebook 18. Raising A Perfect Puppy
Guidebook 19. How To Buy A Shock Dog Collar
Guidebook 20. Housebreaking Breakthroughs, Picking The Perfect Pooch, and Pre-Training Basics

Dog Training Pack

Huge Resources For Profitable Dog Niche

Guidebook 1. 100 Dog Training Tips
Guidebook 2. Dog Leash Training (Quick methods that work)
Guidebook 3. Dog Obedience (Train your dog effectively to stop behaviour problems)
Guidebook 4. Dog Owner’s Delight (Make your dog obey your every command with the most powerful dog training tools)
Guidebook 5. Dog Potty Training
Guidebook 6. Dog Training Basics (Discover the secret to train your wild and reckless dog becoming a good canine citizen that your neighbors are begging you for the tricks in less than a month)
Guidebook 7. Dog Training Techniques (The inside scoop on training your dog)
Guidebook 8. Dog Training Tips (Essential tips and guide for training your canine friends)
Audio Pack 9. Dog Training Uncovered (Audio MP3 with transcription)
Guidebook 10. Good Dog Behaviour Tips & Tricks (Help your faithful canine companion learn how to behave well in any situation)
Guidebook 11. How To Housetrain Any Dog
Guidebook 12. How To Stop A Dog Barking
Guidebook 13. How To Train Your Puppy
Audio Pack 14. Training Your Dog (How to eradicate behavioural problems – Audio MP3 with Transcription)
Guidebook 15. Training Your German Shepherd
Guidebook 16. Training Your Scottish Terrier
Guidebook 17. Dog Training 101 (The basics of dog training)
Guidebook 18. 90 Dog Training Tips
Guidebook 19. Crate Training 101 (Train your dog successfully)
Guidebook 20. Stop Biting Dog Training

Dog Food, Diet, And Recipe Pack

(Hundreds of Healthy Food Recipes For Dogs!)

Dog Food & Recipe Pack 1. Dieting Your Dog (More years together with proper nutrition)
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 2. Dog Treats Recipe Pack
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 3. Healthy Homemade Dog Food
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 4. Healthy Homemade Pet Food Secrets (Secrets of making pet food at home)
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 5. Pamper Your Dog (130 recipes for your canine friend)
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 6. Find Out The Secrets Of Making Pet Food At Home (Learn making varieties of pet food through simple technique – Audio MP3 with Transcription)
Dog Food & Recipe Pack 7. The Dog Food Report (Primer on what dog choices are the best for your dog)


– Over a Thousand High Quality Dog Niche Articles!!!! AND MORE FROM THE UPDATE PAGE!

BONUS! Dog Niche Software, Website And Blogs Templates


WEBSITE AND BLOG TEMPLATES (WordPress/HTML) FREE Software, Websites and Blogs Templates

1. Dog Care Amazon Store (for Affiliate Marketers)
2. Care For Your Dog Niche Blog
3. The Dog World Instant Niche Blog
4. Dog Training WordPress Blog with Articles
5. Dog Training Website
5. Healthy Dog Food Niche Blog
6. Dog Breeding WordPress Blog Theme
7. Dog Trainng WordPress Blog
8. Dog Training Review Site (WP Theme, HTML, Blog Articles)
9. Healthy Dog Food Blog
10. Dog Training And Care Website
11. Training Your Puppy Niche Blog
12. Puppy Potty Training Blog


1. Dog Article Generator
2. Dog File Pro
3. Dog Widget Generator

Please note: Software and Templates are bonus items and usually come with customer support provided by the producers or developers of the products. We generally offer no customer support with these products but we will do our best to help out with any issues on the installation and use of the products.



This pack contains all the essentials in Clickbank Business Success under the terms of Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and User Only Licenses. Use them and/or sell them and keep 100% of the profits!


DOWNLOAD SIZE – Over 1.2++ Gigabytes (Instant Downloads in ZIP)
          CONTENTS: PDF Guidebooks, Audio MP3, Software, Website and Blogs
          RESELL RIGHTS LICENSES: MRR, RR, PLR + Sales Materials


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