eCommerce Ultimate Package Edition (Over 20 Premium Products)

If you don’t have an e-commerce site by now, it’s TIME TO MAKE THE LEAP! Your Plan B for dealing with the Recession is… Creating Your First eCommerce Site. eCommerce Ultimate Premium Pack. 20 Products with Resell Rights – Audio, Video, Expert Guides, eCommerce Software/Scripts, & More!

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Contents: Audio, Video, Expert Guides, eCommerce Software/Scripts, & More + Marketing Packs with Master Resell Rights! Sell them and keep 100% of the profit!


Is your competition beating you out of business because they have an ONLINE presence and you don’t?

If you are not online yet with a website that represents your business, then you are seriously behind the times!

If you don’t have an e-commerce site by now, it’s TIME TO MAKE THE LEAP!!! Your Plan B for dealing with the Recession is…

Creating Your First e-Commerce Site


Are you thinking about starting a business that sells goods online but have not yet done so?
Did you already create a business site but it does not do much for you except act as a fancy online business card?
It is time to put the latest online business strategies and business technology to work for you.

Creating your first e-Commerce Site has all the strategies that you will ever need for setting up an internet presence that will position your business as a serious player both locally and globally.
Do you want to be immune to the economic downturn? Do you need cold hard cash?  Money for medical bills?
Here is a great but simple electronic way to improve your customer awareness of you so they keep coming back to shop at your business and only your business again and again!


With this product, you’ll get lots of e-Commerce scripts and you’ll learn the popular Free eCommerce platforms via Step-by-Step Video Courses. It’s so easy to do, you’ll get your eCommerce site set up in minutes, No Sweat! You can use any eCommerce platform that suits your need!




– Your eCommerce Store Video Course (10 Videos, Guidebooks, Mindmap, Cheatsheet and Marketing Pack)

– eCommerce Firesale Video Course (10 Videos, Guidebooks and Marketing Pack)

– eCommerce Made Easy Video Course ( 15 Videos, Audios, Guidebook, Mindmap and Cheatsheet)

– eCommerce Profit Video Course ( 10 Videos, Guidebook and Marketing Pack)

– Six Figure eCommerce Video Course ( 5 Video Tutorials)

– 4 Premium Guidebooks

– 2 Audio Courses

– Various FREE eCommerce Platforms (Open Source/GNU-GPL)

– Various Store

– Various HTML/PHP eCommerce Shop Scripts (with Resell Rights)




eCommerce Premium Video Courses

Woo Commerce Pack

Your eCommerce Store Video Course (Discover how to get your piece of the multi-million dollar eCommerce pie – MP4 Videos, Guidebooks, Mindmap, Cheatsheet and Marketing Pack)
Video 1: What is eCommerce and Why You Should Take Notice
Video 2: An Introduction to eCommerce Business Models
Video 3: Creating Your Online Store Part 1
Video 4: Creating Your Online Store part 2
Video 5: Creating a Shopify Site
Video 6: Creating a WooCommerce Store
Video 7: Designing s Store That Will Sell
Video 8: Ways to Generate More Sales with Pricing and Persuasive Writing
Video 9: Marketing Your eCommerce Store
Video 10: Starting Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce Firesale Video Course (Discover the methods of building yourself a successful and profitable online empire – MP4 Videos, Guidebooks and Marketing Pack)
Video 1: Why You Should Start Your Own e-Commerce Business
Video 2: Social Media Content Strategy
Video 3: Targeting Your Traffic
Video 4: Using Live Chat Services
Video 5: Building Up Your Affiliate Army
Video 6: How to Build Your e-Commerce Mailing List
Video 7: Retargeting Marketing
Video 8: Logistics Outsourcing
Video 9: O2O (Online to Offline)
Video 10: Secrets to Boost Your e-Commerce-Sales

eCommerce Made Easy Video Course (Hottest & proven techniques o boost sales and profits instantly – MP4 Videos, MP3 Audios, PDF Guidebook, Mindmap and Cheatsheet)
Video 1: What Is eCommerce All About?
Video 2: How Can An Existing Offline Business Benefit From eCommerce?
Video 3: How Can An Independent Professional Offer Their Services Using The Internet?
Video 4: How Can An Online Marketer Make Tons Of Money Selling Online?
Video 5: Locating A Ready-To-Buy Online Audience
Video 6: The Anatomy Of A Profit-Pulling e-Commerce Site
Video 7: Choosing The Right Domain And Hosting Services For eCommerce Sites
Video 8: Template Based Platforms & WooCommerce For creating An eCommerce Site
Video 9: Setting Up An eCommerce Site In 5 Minutes Or Less
Video 10: Driving The Right Type Of Traffic For eCommerce Sites
Video 11: Tracking And Analyzing Your eCommerce Prospects And Customer’s Behaviour
Video 12: 10 Do’s You Should Consider For A Successful eCommerce Venture
Video 13: 10 Don’ts You Should Avoid For A Profitable eCommerce Venture
Video 14: Premium e-Commerce Tools And Services To Consider
Video 15: Shocking e-Commerce Case Studies

Six Figure eCommerce Video Course (MP4/Flash Video Tutorials)
Video 1: The Formula
Video 2: Picking Your Niche
Video 3: Sourcing Your Products
Video 4: Create A Brand
Video 5: Traffic

eCommerce Profit Video Course (Powerful system for building your eCommerce web store step by step! – MP4 Videos, PDF Guidebook and Marketing Pack)
Video 1: eCommerce Profit Strategy
Video 2: eCommerce Business Models
Video 3: eCommerce Site Creator
Video 4: eCommerce Store Platform
Video 5: Shopify Quick Start
Video 6: WooCommerce Quick Start
Video 7: eCommerce Design Tactics
Video 8: eCommerce Sales Formula
Video 9: eCommerce Traffic Blueprint
Video 10: eCommerce Profits Action Plan


eCommerce Expert Guides


Guidebook 1: Creating Your First eCommerce Site (PDF Guidebook with Marketing Pack)
Guidebook 2: eCommerce Shopping Cart Secrets (Everything you need to know about collecting your dough – PDF Guidebook, Articles and Marketing Pack)
Guidebook 3: eShopping Carts (Top 10 carts that can boost your business – PDF Guidebook with Marketing Pack)
Product 4: Shopping Cart Platforms (The top 10 shopping cart platforms for your business – PDF Guidebook with Marketing Pack)

Audio Course 1: eCommerce Info Pack (Audio Course, Mini-guide and Articles)
Audio Course 2: Selling Through Your Online Store (Audio MP3 with PDF Transcript)



Product 1: CubeCart eCommerce Pack With Video TutorialsCube Cart eCommerce Pack

(Cubecart Script with Video Tutorials. CubeCart is a powerful free ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.)

Video #1: How To Set Up CubeCart
Video #2: Set Up Site Parameters
Video #3: Categories and Products
Video #4: Change the Look of the Site

Product 2: ZenCart eCommerce Pack With Video TutorialsZen Cart eCommerce Pack
(ZenCart Script with Video Tutorials. ZenCart is an online store management system available freely under the GNU General Public License.)

Video #1: How to Use ZenCart to Set Up an eCommerce Site
Video #2: Basic Configuration
Video #3: Payment, Shipping And Taxes
Video #4: Themes And Plugins
Video #5: defining Pages And EZ Pages
Video #6: More Functions And Site Cleanup
Video #7: Adding Your Products And Categories
Video #9: Finishing Up – Setting Up Physical Products

Product 3: PrestaShop eCommerce Pack With Video Tutorials  Presta Shop eCommerce Pack

The PrestaShop eCommerce Pack (PrestaShop Script with Video Tutorials. PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution published under the Open Software License.)

Video #1: Create an eCommerce Store Using PrestaShop
Video #2: An Introduction to the Back Office
Video #3: Store Setup Part 1
Video #4: Store Setup Part 2
Video #5: Modules
Video #6: Creating Your Own Logo

Various HTML/PHP Scripts eCommerce Pack WITH RESELL RIGHTS


Product 1: Shop Cart DXWoo Commerce Pack
Complete Shopping cart supporting Paypal, SFI Pay, 2CheckOut, Moneybookers, IntGold and E-gold Payment processors. Easily manage products and clients


Product 2: Gift Store GeneratorGifts Store Generator
Script/Software with Marketing Pack. Discover how to quickly and easily open an online gift store!




Product 3: Shopping Cart Advanced PHP ScriptShopping Cart Advanced PHP Script

– Software/Script with Installation Manual. Shoping Cart PHP is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system GNU/GPL. A robust e-commerce solution for internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost. Shopping Cart PHP Script is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.


VIP CartProduct 4: VIP Cart eCommerce Pack
Script/Software with Marketing Pack. VIP Cart, a reliable, feature-rich ecommerce shopping cart solution that search engines love to crawl! VIP Cart gives you search engine friendly pages!

Product 5: Digital Store Website Script


Please Note:

Software Tools, Web Templates and Research Lists are Bonus Items thus NO technical support is being offered for these bonuses. Although these items have been tested to be safe and fully functional, we assume NO responsibility of the use of these items. The use of bonus Software and Scripts is entirely at user’s risk. This Product is not tested with Macintosh and Other Operating Systems other than Windows. We recommend this product to run on Windows OS Only.



This pack contains all the essentials in Clickbank Business Success under the terms of Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and User Only Licenses. Use them and/or sell them and keep 100% of the profits!


DOWNLOAD SIZE – Over 2.3++ Gigabytes (3 x Parts Instant Downloads in ZIP)
          CONTENTS: Audio/Video Courses, Ebooks, Software, Plugins/Scripts and More
          RESELL RIGHTS LICENSES: MRR, RR, PLR, USER + Sales Materials


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