Good Engineering Practices Guidebook Pack

32 Guide to Engineering Good Practices modules masterly designed for all students, professionals, and technical/industrial enthusiasts.


(32 Guidebooks in PDF Formats)

Handbook 1: A systematic Approach to Training
Handbook 2: Alternative Systematic Approaches to Training
Handbook 3: Configuration Management Program
Handbook 4: Guide for Evaluation Instrument Examples
Handbook 5: Guide for Communications
Handbook 6: Guide for Control Area Activities
Handbook 7: Guide for Control of Equipment and System Status
Handbook 8: Guide for Control of On-Shifts Training
Handbook 9: Guide for Developing and Conducting Case Studies
Handbook 10: Guide for Developing Learning Objectives
Handbook 11: Guide for Equipment and Piping Labelling
Handbook 12: Guide for Independent Verification
Handbook 13: Guide for Line and Training Manager Activities
Handbook 14: Guide for Lockouts and Tagouts
Handbook 15: Guide for Logkeeping
Handbook 16: Guide for Maintenance Supervisor Selection and Development
Handbook 17: Guide for Notifications and Investigation of Abnormal Events
Handbook 18: Guide for On-the-Job Training
Handbook 19: Guide for Operations and Administration Updates Through Required Reading
Handbook 20: Guide for Operations Aspects of Unique Processes
Handbook 21: Guide for Operations Organisation and Administrations
Handbook 22: Guide for Operations Turnover
Handbook 23: Guide for Operator Aid Postings
Handbook 24: Guide for Oral Examinations
Handbook 25: Guide for Teamwork Training and Diagnostic Skills Development
Handbook 26: Guide for Design, Development and Implementation of Examinations
Handbook 27: Guide for Development of Test Items
Handbook 28: Guide for Timely Orders to Operators
Handbook 29: Guide for Training and Qualification of Instructors
Handbook 30: Guide for Training and Qualification of Maintenance Personnel
Handbook 31: Guide for Training of Technical Staff and Managers
Handbook 32: Writers Guide for Technical Procedures

This collection of modules is masterly designed for all students, professionals, and technical/industrial enthusiasts.
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