Greatest Speeches Of The 20th Century – The Changing World

17 Famous Speeches Ever Recorded from Famous Figures in 20th Century’s Changing World. Collection of Greatest 20th Century Speeches in MP3 Audio Format.

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Famous Speeches in the Changing World of the 20th Century Recorded in MP3 Audio Format

17 Famous Speeches Ever Recorded from Famous Figures in the 20th Century’s Changing World.


1. Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany James Gerard Watson – The German Peril

2. General Douglas MacArthur – Address to Congress

3. General J. J. ”Black Jack” Pershing – Address from France

4. King Edward VIII – Abdication Address

5. Len Spencer – First Recorded Promotional Message on the Edison Phonograph

6. President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Declaration of War Against Japan

7. President George Bush – On Commencement of the Bombing of Iraq

8. President Harry S. Truman – The First Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan

9. President John F. Kennedy – The Cuban Missile Crisis

10. President Lyndon B. Johnson – On Signing of the Civil Rights Bill

11. President Richard M. Nixon – The End of the Vietnam War

12. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain – Declaration of War with Germany

13. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain – On His Return from the Munich Conference

14. Prime Minister Winston Churchill – First Radio Address as Prime Minister

15. Radio Moscow – Announcement of the Launching of Sputnik

16. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles – On the Fall of Dien Bien Phu

17. Senator Edward Kennedy – Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy





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