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Real learning hasn’t taken place until the buyer does something; they may think they have learned it from hearing it. Discover with Loyalty Lock Pro.

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Contents – MP4 Video Course

Keep Your Customer Loyalty With This Amazing Course!

Adults look to educators as facilitators of learning, a change from having viewed educators as teachers when they were younger.

Your Goal Isn’t to be a ‘Sage on the Stage’, it is to be a ‘Guide on the Side’.

Real learning hasn’t taken place until the buyer does something; they may think they have learned it from hearing it.

You can encourage the buyer/learner to take a middle step between hearing and doing by ‘teaching’.

Ideally, most real learning takes place when someone takes steps, is given corrective feedback and then takes subsequent steps until reaching their goal.

All vital points in customer and product creation are explained by the following video series…

Video 1: Your Role As A Product Creator

Video 2: Become A Master Practitioner

Video 3: Three Frameworks

Video 4: Don’t Make A Customer Wait To Get Started

Video 5: Tell Your Buyer How To Consume And Be Successful

Video 6: Surprise Your Customer

Video 7: Overloading Your Customer

Video 8: Regular Contact

Video 9: Introduction To Adult Learning Theory

Video 10: Give Your Buyer Multiple Goals

Video 11: Give Your Buyer Activities To Do

Video 12: Keep Your Projects Short Inside Of Your Course

Video 13: Give Your Buyers The Opportunity To Learn From Others

Video 14: Encourage Buyers To Build On Previous Experience

Video 15: Help The Buyer Solve Real Life Problems

Video 16: Help Buyers To Move From Dependent To Be Self Directed

Video 17: Create Problem Solving In Your Courses

Video 18: Conclusion




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