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How to Crank Up Your Own Highly Profitable Copywriting Business… Every business, regardless of size or stage has to excel in generating new leads as it directly relates to potential sales and profits. Download this product today!




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How to Crank Up Your Own Highly Profitable Copywriting Business…

Every business, regardless of size or stage has to excel in generating new leads as it directly relates to potential sales and profits.

This becomes very important every month and is the main struggle most freelance copywriter face.

With Million Dollar Copy, we address this struggle by showing you how to find and manage your leads and clients, how to pitch and close deals, and you will even learn strategies and tactics in leveling up your business to a potential 7-figure business.

Million Dollar Copy has 7 modules.

The first and second module guides you on generating new leads and managing them so you can deploy your resources effectively and efficiently.
The third and fourth module helps you to find your competitive edge by creating your unique selling proposition and your unique offer.
In the fifth and sixth module, you will learn how to pitch and close deals, and scale your business onwards and upwards.
The final module is for starters and seasoned copywriters to learn the fundamentals and secrets of copywriting through the killer copy blueprint.
Unlike other products out there teaching people how to be a copywriter, Million Dollar Copy focus on finding clients and building the copywriting business.

In Million Dollar Copy, the strategy is to create Raving Fans for your business. To do this, it starts with the ability to generate leads and this is represented by the Lead Generation Funnel. Leads turn into prospects, which then turn into clients, and into raving fans. Leads are defined as suspects for your business and turn into prospects after meeting a certain criteria or qualification. Yes, they need to be qualified to be your customer because not everyone is your target audience. Prospects are your potential clients whereas actual clients have agreed to engage with your services and money has been transferred to your account.

Raving fans promote your services positively, fervently and free of charge because of the results they have gotten from you. Raving fans help to lower your cost of advertising because their free positive review helps generate new leads for you. This is also referred to as positive opinion leadership.

Not every client will turn into a raving fan but every client has the potential to be your raving fan.

It comes down to how well you serve and impact your clients and the experience they have with you.


  • Video 1: Lead Generation Strategies
  • Video 2: Lead Management Tactics
  • Video 3: How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Video 4: Crafting Your Secret Offer
  • Video 5: The Close
  • Video 6: Leveling Up
  • Video 7: Killer Copy Blueprint


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          CONTENTS: MP4 Video Course, Audio MP3, PDF Transcripts and Marketing Pack
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