Powerful Sales Words And Phrases Product Pack

Discover a simple system to turn words into a king’s ransom! This is a tested and proven copy writing technique that can be used both in your sales letters and newsletters. How to Go From Ground Zero to Copywriting Hero in One Single, Lazy Afternoon! Download this powerful package now!

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POWERFUL SALES WORDS AND PHRASES PRODUCT PACK (10 Premium Products with Resell Rights and Marketing Pack!)

CONTENTS: Collection of Premium Guidebooks + Marketing Pack

A simple system to turn words into a king’s ransom
How to Go From Ground Zero to Copywriting Hero in One Single, Lazy Afternoon!

“What you’re about to read is a tested and proven copy writing technique that can be used both in your sales letters and newsletters.

“Others have been using this system  successfully for decades, and now it’s your turn…” And, believe it or not, it’s a foolproof copy-and-paste system.

Listen: One of the very best ways to create rabid, fanatic readers of your written material is by wielding a controversial (some might call it a downright sneaky) language pattern that your readers won’t be able to detect or resist.

It’s called it the Stealth Mind Penetration Writing Strategy. And to be completely honest with you, it’s known to be a ferocious and barbaric copywriting strategy because it has earned a reputation of taking zero prisoners while offering very little in the way of mercy.

O.K., lets suppose you have an ezine that has a high unsubscribe rate and an extremely low open rate. Here’s what needs to be done to remedy this lousy situation… Simply open up your Formidable Phrases And Words eBook and and begin the copy-and-paste process. Here’s what it will do for you… Immediately your copy will come to life and spring into action.

First, your copy will establish a very personal, conversational tone and demeanor, without the amateur “hype” that’ll make you look like an untrustworthy marketing newbie. Then, with perfect precision and timing, you’ll shock and delight your readers with carefully chosen phrases and words that carry with them their own supercharged meaning, emphasis and dramatic flair guaranteed to provoke an emotional response.

The end result is you will have put the reader into a well planned, pre-designed state of mind or mood.

Here’s The Ultimate  Copywriting Secret…

Look at it this way… have you ever been in the “mood” for pizza, or something sweet? If so, then you understand an impulse or desire can be elevated to a long-term craving, or a mood that’s almost impossible to vanquish until the craving is satisfied.

When I uncovered the untapped, unknown marketing power of mood, I knew I had stumbled onto something that isn’t being taught anywhere else, at any price. Naturally, the next step was to connect the dots between mood and copywriting. To accomplish this task, I literally spent months trying to unlock the secrets of how to put a reader into the mood to buy…

…and therein lies the road to marketing defeat.

You see, your readers are going to resist any message that tries to force a sale, it’s a built-in survival instinct. But… Here’s where things get really fun. You can bypass this survival instinct and security system and gain immediate, direct access to your prospects control center. To do this, don’t try to put your prospect in the mood to buy, instead you must put them into the mood to read and learn. And how exactly do you do that? Easy… by writing and teaching.

So, what’s the catch? The catch is there’s a secret recipe to creating content that’ll create the mood you’re looking for. And here it is…


10 PDF eBooks and Marketing Pack

Product 1: 10000 Words & Phrases That Sell Like Crazy!

Product 2: Business Words Used Offline (Discover the best words used in the business word)

Product 3: Copywriting Power Phrases (Use the power of words to make more conversations!)

Product 4: The Definitive Encyclopedia of Saleable Words (The ideal copywriter’s handbook)

Product 5: Formidable Phrases and Words

Product 6: ‘Magic’ Words to Build Your Business Exponentially

Product 7: Magical Words that Sell (Use the power of words to sell more of your products!)

Product 8: Mastering the Art of Converting Words into Gold

Product 9: Sales Letter for Newbies

Product 10: Words to Profits (Exploiting the magical power of words for easy cash and long term profits!)


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