Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine Issue 7

In this Public Domain Magazine Issue, You Will Discover Cashing In With New Year’s Resolution Inspired Public Domain Products!



Cashing In With New Year’s Resolution Inspired Public Domain Products!


Welcome aboard the seventh issue of “Public Domain Treasure Hunter Magazine”, the only digital magazine exploring ingeniously creative and outrageously lucrative ways to profit from the public domain! This magazine is dedicated to exploring unique and little known ways to repackage and republish public domain material for fun and profit.

In this issue, we will show you unique product and article ideas based on this year’s Top 10 List of New Years Resolutions. Resolutions are always a part of most everyone’s end of the year thought process. You can easily share ideas and tips for just about any resolution someone might make.

According to this is the Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2009:
• Lose Weight
• Get Your Finances In Order
• Go Green
• Curb Your Vices
• Get In Shape
• Relax More
• Pursue a New Career
• Upgrade Your Technology
• Organize and Optimize
• Start A New Hobby

Of course… you should also be helping your readers “keep these resolutions” throughout the year. You’ll find that with a little creativity and imagination creating unique resolution themed products and articles is a snap when you can gather all of the material that you need from the public domain. We hope that you will find something in this month’s issue that sparks a new idea for a product or article that you can create using copyright-free public domain material.




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