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Your Rapid Guide to Making Money Online! A complete guide to one of the easiest ways to secure $200-1,000 offline clients FAST… Download this powerful product now.




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Contents – MP4 Video Course, Articles, PDF Guidebook, Mindmap, Cheatsheet and Marketing Pack

Your Rapid Guide to Making Money Online!
“A complete guide to one of the easiest ways to secure $200-1,000 offline clients FAST.”

I’m going to keep this report as no-fluff as possible. Not going to waste your time with “my story” or anything else like that. Let’s get right to it.
Simply put, there is no easier way to get into offline marketing than what I’m about to teach you. Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous. You don’t have to make anything, you need ZERO technical skills, and don’t NEED to call people or talk at all.

“If this is so easy, won’t it become saturated?”

As soon as the world runs out of business owners, this method will become saturated (in other words, never). To keep it simple, if you can answer an email, you can make money with this method. For those of you who have bought multiple products from me, you know that I only release actionable material that provides results when put into action. I’ve done it, my clients do it, it works. Period.

So, what are you going to need to make this work? I will recommend that you have a Facebook account and landing page (optional but recommended). Facebook and a landing page IS optional IF you feel comfortable calling around to local businesses or mass emailing. You will be using this Facebook ads+ landing page combo to filter leads (business owners who are interested in your service).

You do not need to have a budget to make this work at all (as you can call around or email businesses in your area for free), but I recommend that you spend about $20 to get up and running. Any small $5-50 budget will drastically speed the process. What are we going to be doing? We are going to be providing a VERY easy and simple, yet powerful Facebook ads service to small business owners. If the business has a customer list that collects cell phone numbers or email addresses, you can sell this service to them.

This is one of the most powerful functions of Facebook advertising and works in any offline business niche that has a sales department.

PLUS 10 Video Ads for Various Niches

Video 1: Day Care Center
Video 2: Dentist
Video 3: Electrician
Video 4: Florist
Video 5: Hair Salon
Video 6: Landscaper
Video 7: Locksmith
Video 8: Plumber
Video 9: Restaurant
Video 10: Roofer


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          CONTENTS: MP4 Video Course, Articles, PDF Guidebook, Mindmap, Cheatsheet and Marketing Pack
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