The 50 Dollars Millionaire

An Exclusive interview with an absolutely incredible internet marketer, Tellman Knudsen in Audio MP3 with PDF Transcript.

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How To Turn A 50 Dollar Bill Into A Million Dollars


An Exclusive interview with Tellman Knudsen in Audio MP3 with PDF Transcript.

We’re very privileged to have an absolutely incredible Internet marketer here with us today.

His name is Tellman Knudsen. He’s become a fixture on the Internet. He is one of the top forming entrepreneurs out there today. Just to give you an example, Tellman’s figures for 2005, he made $800,000. This is basically when Tellman first began on the Internet. He made $800,000. He did that using affiliate marketing.

2006 he popped up the figures to $2.5 million, and now in 2007, he has set his business goal to $10 million. Obviously, the figures themselves are very impressive.

What makes it even more impressive is that Tellman has a condition that theoretically should make it extremely difficult for him to really be running a business at all.

He has a condition called attention deficit disorder, but he’s actually used that to accomplish basically twice as much as the average person is able to accomplish in a day.

Tellman has 48 hours in his day instead of 24.  Download this Audio interview now!




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