The French War Machines Photo Collection (Over 400 Images)

This is Rare Collection! Go back in time of the Second World War and witness the formidable War Machines Used by the French in their various mechanized divisions! Download this Rare Collection now!

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CONTENTS: Vintage Photos in JPEG File Format

“Rare Collection!”

Go back in time of the Second World War and witness the formidable French War Machines

Vintage French Tanks

French development into tanks began during World War I as an effort to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare, and largely at the initiative of the manufacturers. The Schneider CA1 was the first tank produced by France, and 400 units were built. The French also experimented with various tank designs, such as the Frot-Laffly landship, Boirault machine and Souain experiment. Another 400 Saint-Chamond tanks were manufactured from April 1917 to July 1918, however these tanks were largely underpowered and of limited utility due to the design of the caterpillar tracks, which were too short in comparison with the tank’s length and weight.[1] The most significant French tank development during the war was the Renault FT light tank, which set the general layout for future tank designs and was used or redesigned by various military forces, including those of the United States.

At the start of the war, France had one of the largest tank forces in the world along with the Soviet, British and German forces. The French had planned for a defensive war and built tanks accordingly; infantry tanks were designed to be heavily armoured. Within France and its colonies, roughly 5,800 tanks were available during the time of the German offensive, and some when they came into contact were effective against the German tanks.

The R 35 was intended to replace the FT as standard light infantry tank from the summer of 1936, but even by May 1940 not enough conscripts had been retrained and therefore eight battalions of the older tank had to be kept operational. On 1 September 1939, at the outbreak of war, 975 vehicles had been delivered out of 1070 produced; 765 were fielded by tank battalions in France. Of a total order for 2,300 at least 1,601 had been produced until 1 June 1940 serial numbers known to be actually used indicate a production of at least 1670 vehicles.
R35 tank

In the Battle of France, despite an advantage in number and armour against the Germans, the French tanks were not used to good enough effect. Ironically, cooperation with the infantry was poor. The Cavalry units alone were too few in number. (Source: Wikipedia)

All these World War 2 French tanks can still be seen today in museums, public exhibits, historical sites and protected reservations. These photos, published in the Public Domain were taken in such places.

These beautiful images are excellent for making decorations, cards, posters, scrapbooks, wallpapers, or for personal/educational research, and much more!


Over 400 Vintage Photo Collection in JPEG Image File Format

French WW1 and WW2 Tank Turrets
Lorraine 37L Tractors
Panhard EBR Reconnaissance Armoured Cars
Pluton Missile Launcher Sets Based On AMX 30
Renault FT Tanks
World War 2 French Tanks
AMX 13 DCA Self Propelled Anti Aircrafts Guns
ARL 44 and AMX 50B Heavy Tanks
French Armoured Vehicles
French Renault UE Chenillettes


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