Work At Home Freelancing Package Edition (20 Premium Products)

This Product is an Ultimate Pack of premium media tutorials and guidebooks produced by various Freelancing and Online Servicing Experts tailored for efficiently and effectively harnessing the golden opportunities of Freelancing.

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Contents: VIDEOS, AUDIO MP3, And PDF GUIDEBOOKS + Marketing Packs with Master Resell Rights! Sell them and keep 100% of the profit!

Are you happy with your job?

Do you like where you work?

Do you like getting up early and fighting traffic every day?

Do you like feeling like a servant to your manager or boss?

Do you enjoy never getting to spend time with your family and friends?

….It’s not surprising if the answer to those questions is a big NO!
It’s not also surprising if the answer was “I don’t even have a job right now!”

The global economy is in a record-breaking slump and even though conditions are slowly improving, the job market is just terrible.

But need not worry at all!

You Can Make Tons Of Money Working From Home Freelancing!

How would you like to work for yourself and experience ultimate freedom? Be Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Price!

Wouldn’t you love to experience the freedom that comes with being your own boss working in the comfort of your own home?

Discover How Incredibly Easy It Is To Become A Financially Successful Freelancer Working From Home Starting Today!

This is not a get rich quick scheme or making big money out of doing close to nothing! YOU STILL HAVE TO WORK! But in your own time and in your own way in the comfort of your own home – this is a big difference and like any other works or services, your income depends on how hard working and efficient you are!

I’m not just talking about working from home, I’m talking about having complete control over the type of work you choose to do and how much you get paid to do it!

What would you do if you had a direct connection to a never-ending demand for your services, who were willing to pay you thousands of money every week for your help?

Thousands of home based workers have carved out a name for themselves in the freelance community, being paid to write, develop, design, consult and offer support to busy marketers and online businesses who are wiling to pay top dollar for a reliable and seasoned freelancer.

After You find out the secrets to becoming a successful freelancer you’ll be ready to make more Money than ever Working From Home, and have a great time doing it!

Freelancing could be your ticket to experiencing more Income than you ever could have with your old Day job!

Will you become a millionaire overnight by freelancing? Probably not. Can you steadily build a successful and extremely profitable career by freelancing? Definitely Yes!

Freelancing is one of the most profitable business ventures you can get into these days, especially with the global economy going haywire like it has been, and the popularity of outsourcing.

Companies love to hire freelancers because they’re more cost effective than full-time or even part-time employees. The freelance industry is booming!

So Don’t Force Yourself To Work For Someone Else You Don’t Like…

Be Your Own Boss & Get Paid For Your Services You’ve Set.

You’re the boss now!
This Product is an Ultimate Pack of premium media tutorials and guidebooks produced by various Freelancing and Online Servicing Experts tailored for efficiently and effectively harnessing the golden opportunities of Freelancing.

“Showing You The Right and Easiest Way of Doing is Our Core Business!”

THIS Work At Home Freelancing Product is Very Straight Forward – What You See is What You Get – NO Ridiculous Hypes or Too Good To Be True Sales Pitches Here! Each item has its own amazing power and performance for the success of Work At Home Freelancing jobs!

All These Products Come With Resell Rights (MRR/PLR) + Sales Materials!

(The Secrets to Becoming a Highly-Paid Sought-After, and Reputable Freelancer… in as Little as 30 Short Days)Video 1 – Intro Into The Freelancing WorldVideo 2 – What Are My Options?Video 3 – Where Should I Go For Work?Video 4 – Using Freelancing Websites

Video 5 – Finding Jobs On Forums

Video 6 – Make Yourself Known!

Video 7 – Important Things To Consider Before You Start!


(Discover The Insider Secrets To Quickly Generating A Six Figure Income Working From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!)
Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Freelancing Tools
Video 3: Your Skills
Video 4: How Much Can You Earn
Video 5: The Warrior Forum
Video 6; Digital Point
Video 7: Using Job Sites
Video 8: The Elance
Video 9: Get A Freelancer
Video 10: Offline Consultancy
Video 11: Outsourcing
Video 12: End Note
PDF Guidebook and Powerpoint Presentation

(If You Can Brush Your Teeth In The Morning… Then You Have The Skills To Start Making Instant Cash With Highly Paid Services Starting Today!)
Video 1: How To Sell Services Online For Instant Cash
Video 2: The Internet Is Overflowing With People Who Want To Pay You Money!
Video 3: How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition- Permanently!
Video 4: How To Use High End Services To Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel
Video 5: Your High End Profit Funnel

Extra Video: Unique Strategies To Develop Highly Lucrative Income Streams
With Instant Cash Service


(The Professional’s Approach To Providing Personal Services Online For Real Payments!)

(Note: Internet Connection Required)
Video 1: Why Selling Services
Video 2: What Services To Sell
Video 3: What Your Strenghts Are
Video 4: Places To Get Work
Video 5: Selling Packages vs Services
Video 6: Selling Deisgn Services
Video 7: Selling Writing Services
Video 8: Selling Technical Services
Video 9: Selling WordPress Installation
Video 10: Selling Turnkey Packages
Video 11: Setting Up PLR For People
Video 12: Selling Services Offline
Video 13: Small Jobs Big Paydays
Video 14: Fastest Ways To Get Paid
Video 15: Best Kind Of Clients
Video 16: Outsourcing The Work
Video 17: Time Is Money
Video 18: Start Your 6-Figure Business!


MP3 Audio Tutorial plus Guidebook and E-course Pack

(Discover How Incredibly Easy It Is To Become A Financially Successful Freelancer Working From Home Starting today!)

Audio Part 1: The Truth About The Job Market and Freelancing
Audio Part 2: Online Freelance and Subcontracting
Audio Part 3: Mastering Elance.Com, Craiglists and Clientele Acquisition Secrets
Audio Part 4: Payment Options and Tips
Create Your Own Job PDF Guidebook with 5-day Ecourse



Secrets Of Doubling Your Freelancing Fee Video Tutorial
with MP3 Audio

(How To Double Your Fees With No Extra Work, No Extra Time, And No Extra Training!)
Extra Audio MP3: How To Double Your Rates


in PDF File Format

Guidebook 1: Be A Freelancer From Home
(Vital Information You Need In Freelancing)

Guidebook 2: Fast Freelancing Funds
(Get Instant Work And Fast Cash With Your Skills)

Guidebook 3: Freelance Freedom
(Enjoy The Freedom Of Freelancing)

Guidebook 4: Freelance Mastery
(Insider Trade Secrets To Becoming A Successful Freelancer!)

Guidebook 5: Freelance Success
(Unlock The Secrets To Profitable Freelancing)

Guidebook 6: Make Cash With Freelance
(Make Cash From Home As A Freelancer)

Guidebook 7: Online Freelancing Profits
(Establish Yourself As A Professional Freelancer And Earn Massive Clients Who Are Hungry For Your Service!)

Guidebook 8: The Big List Of Topnotch Freelancers
(Directory Of High Quality Online Freelancers For Any Service)

Guidebook 9: Virtual Vibes
Running A Successful Virtual Assistant Business)

Guidebook 10: How To Start A Home Based Answering Service
(Step By Step Guide, Earn Extra Cash, Obtain Clients, Work From Home)

Guidebook 11: Ghost Writing Gold
(Discover How To Start Earning Money As A Home Based Freelance Ghost Writer)

Guidebook 12: Fast Cash Secrets
(How To Make Fast Cash When You Need It)

Guidebook 13: Service Business Synergy
(Setting Up A Successful Service Business)

Guidebook 14: Hand Over Fist Money Makers
((Cash In On The Hottest Money Making Trends Today)

Guidebook 15: Second Income Opportunities
(Learn And Have Fun While Making Money)



This product pack is not tested with Mac and other OS, only Windows OS.


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          CONTENTS: Audio/Video Courses, PDF Guidebooks, Software, and More
          RESELL RIGHTS LICENSES: MRR, RR, PLR, USER + Sales Materials


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