Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are amongst some of the most painful experiences to have to go through and once you’ve felt that pain, chances are you’re going to be looking around for home remedies for kidney stones so that if an attack hits again, you’re ready.

But first of all what are kidney stones and who is most likely to get them. Well kidney stones are deposits that are left in the kidney that then grow to a size where they cause pain. They can block the tubes that take urine out of the body and make urination extremely difficult and painful. Men in the 20 – 40 age range are generally more susceptible to kidney stones as are those who suffer with gout. The symptoms can range from sickness, tiredness and fever.

One of the classic home remedies for kidney stones has to be drinking plenty of water at least eight glasses per day if you can. This will help to flush through your system and increase the amount of urine that you pass. What this does is to remove the toxins and the deposits that can accumulate and cause the stones in the first place. These toxins and deposits are formed by a mix of substances but the base of these are uric acid.

What you can also add to the water you drink, is any herb that is a natural diuretic and nettles fall easily into this category. Simply harvest the nettle leaves where no insecticides or other toxins have been sprayed, thoroughly wash them and then infuse them in some hot water for a warm drink.

As you increase your water intake, decrease any foods that will raise the calcium deposits in your body. That means dairy products, such as cheese and vegetables that are high in calcium. For instances cabbage, spinach and cucumber, however remember that some calcium is still needed in the diet because too little can be as bad as too much.

As home remedies for kidney stones go, you should avoid eating any foods that are purine rich. Purine rich foods once eaten will break down as uric acid. Uric acid will then build up and in those who are prone to kidney stones the results will be a painful attack of kidney stones. Purine rich foods are typically red meats, offal and organ meats, sea foods, yeasty foods and of course beer and wine.

Of course hand in hand with all the listed home remedies for kidney stones should be added regular exercise. Not only does exercise foster healthy bones and increase the body’s use of calcium in this way, but exercise also promotes a natural high and all round well being.

Natural Relief For Kidney Stones – Tips For Fast Relief

Only those who have ever experienced them can truly understand just how painful kidney stones can be. These stones are the result of a calcium build-up and they cause excruciating pain as they try to make their way through the urinary tract. There are a few things that can cause this build-up, including disease, infection and dehydration.

What makes kidney stones even worse is that you usually have no idea they are being formed until it’s too late. If the stones are big enough, they will block the urinary system and this can be very dangerous. While there are certain risk factors associated with kidney stones, the truth is that anybody can get them.

So, what are some signs that you may have kidney stones? Pain in your lower back or groin, vomiting, pain during urination, reddish or orange urine, and pain in your lower stomach. Sometimes people think it’s their appendix, but the only way you can know for sure is to see a doctor once the symptoms are present. It’s important to get rid of the stone as soon as possible to prevent additional complications to your kidneys.

It sure sounds bad, doesn’t it? But don’t worry too much, there are some things you can do! The first thing you can start doing right away to reduce your chances of kidney stones is to make sure you drink plenty of water. This will help flush out your kidneys on a regular basis. There are other benefits to drinking plenty of water, so it’s a good idea to do it anyway.

There are also natural herbal remedies that may help lower the odds of getting kidney stones. These most likely work due to their diuretic effect. Here are a few such herbs: goldenrod, juniper berry, sassafras, dandelion, corn silk, meadow sweet, horsetail and fennel. If you think you already have kidney stones, these herbs may help to some degree. However, your safest bet is always to see your doctor, so the following herbs are listed for informational purposes only, and not as a treatment or cure of any kind.

1. Catnip can help to unblock the urinary tract, making it easier for the stones to pass naturally. The downside is that catnip can cause gas and cramping in some people.

2. Hydrangea may aid in dissolving kidney stones, or reducing their size, making urination more comfortable. If the stones shrink, some of the pain may go away. Diarrhea is a fairly common side effect, but not everybody experiences it.

3. Cleavers (also known as goose grass) are a good remedy for several kidney and bladder issues. It is best taken as a tea, and drank daily.

Kidney stones are not only painful, they can also be dangerous. Therefore, you should do whatever you can to prevent them from forming. But if they form, you should try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Are There Herbs That Relieve Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are caused by a buildup of calcium and can inhibit the ability to urinate, and they are extremely painful. They can be caused by dehydration, infections, and disease. Stones take time to form, even though at first you won’t even know they are there. They form when your body is unable to clear urinary waste out completely. This waste can form solid blockages which if left unchecked will cause kidney stones and severe pain. Sometimes kidney stones appear in patients that aren’t considered at risk for them. The good news is that there are herbs that relieve kidney stones.

If you are experiencing pain in your groin, lower stomach or back accompanied by vomiting and dark orange or reddish urine,or if you experience pain while urinating, it’s likely you have a kidney stone. Once the kidney stone is formed it’s very important to get rid of it as soon as possible, not just for pain relief but also because the stone can cause serious damage to your kidneys.

In order to help prevent the formation of the kidney stones in the first place one thing you can do is to make sure you drink plenty of water every single day. Proper hydration will keep your kidneys flushed out which might help prevent the formation of stones.

There are some herbs that act as diuretics and help increase urine flow: dandelion, juniper berry, fennel, meadowsweet, cornsilk, horsetail, goldenrod, and sassafras.

If you have kidney stones already there are some herbal remedies that may be able to help relieve them:

1. Hydrangea
Helps to dissolve the stones and allow you to urinate more easily. It can help relieve some of the pain in the stomach, back and groin associated with having kidney stones.

A possible side effect could be loose stool or diarrhea, of course every one is different and your results could vary.

2. Catnip
Helps unblock the urine and allow it to flow more freely.
Can cause gas and/or cramping

3. Cleavers

This is a great remedy for many types of bladder and kidney related health issues. It can help relieve the problem of being unable to urinate due to blockage and can help the liver and remove stones in the bladder as well as the kidney. This herb can be used in tea. Just add three to four ounces of dried Cleavers to one quart of water. Drink this tea daily to gain the maximum benefit. This will help prevent kidney stones or help dissolve existing stones.

The bad news is that kidney stones are painful and can make it difficult to urinate, not to mention the fact that kidney stones can cause serious damage to your kidneys. The good news is that they can sometimes be prevented naturally by using various herbs. If you already have them there are herbs that can relieve kidney stones. Find out all you can to take care of yourself and continue to educate yourself on all your health needs.


This article is for informational and educational purposes only. There’s no any therapeutic claims and should not be taken as medical advice. You should always seek proper medical care and advice from authorized medical health professionals. No responsibility will be held for anyone reading this information.

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