How to Start Selling in Udemy and Make Money

How to Start Selling in Udemy and Make Money

Welcome to MRR Download’s comprehensive video course. You are now looking at How to Start Selling in Udemy and Make Money! is an online learning platform where individuals can take online courses both free and paid on any subject as possible to be taught online. The amazing opportunity  for someone that has expertise on any one subject is that they can teach their own online course and because there are no limits on a particular subject that you can teach, instructors come from all over the world and teach on all kinds of subjects.

Now in this course we’re going to work through the practical process of creating a course and teaching it online at Udemy. By creating online content in video, text, and audio; you will be able to teach your students subjects and areas that you have expertise in and as an instructor in udemy, this is is a revenue opportunity!


This is exactly what you are going to learn:

Module 1: Udemy Overview and Revenue
Module 2: The Tools Needed
Module 3: Creating a Udemy Course Online
Module 4: Instructor Support
Module 5: Udemy Promotional Resources
Module 6: Transfer Outline to Slides
Module 7: Outline Each Module
Module 8: Recording Video Modules Part 1
Module 9: Recording Video Modules Part 2
Module 10: Editing Video Modules
Module 11: Creating Audio Modules
Module 12: Editing Audio Modules
Module 13: Creating Text Modules Part 1
Module 14: Creating Text Modules Part 2
Module 15: Uploading Modules
Module 16: Interactive Elements from Your Cloud Drive
Module 17: Interactive Video Mashup
Module 18: Interactive Curriculum Elements
Module 19: Descriptions and Course Review
Module 20: Conclusion


Well, it’s time to start training, fellows. I know you will love this training.

So Let’s Begin (Click to watch this video):





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