Copywriting Package Edition

Tired Of Loosing Money On Advertising Because Your Sales Letter Won’t Covert The Visitors To Your Website Into Paying Customers? Then… Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy Paying Customers with this Amazing Product Package! Download this powerful package now!

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 COPYWRITING PACKAGE EDITION (35 Premium Products with Resell Rights and Marketing Pack!)

CONTENTS: Collection of Premium Guidebooks, Audio MP3, Software + Marketing Pack

Tired Of Loosing Money On Advertising Because Your Sales Letter Won’t Covert The Visitors To Your Website Into Paying Customers? Then…

“Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy Paying Customers!”

All you have to do is follow the easy to follow methods and techniques outlined in this straight to the point, no BS product pack and your visitors will go from suspicious readers to trusting, eager to buy customers at the blink of an eye…

Does your sales copy suck? I mean, does it really, really suck so bad that you can barely squeeze out a sale from 1000 visitors to your website? If it does, don’t worry – this is why you’re here, and I’m happy to tell you your problems can be fixed because you came to the right place…

First of all, let’s talk about the extreme importance of good sales copy…

Now, let’s say you have a $97 product and a decent sales letter up on your website that converts visitors to buyers at 1%. Let’s also say that you drive 3000 unique visits to your website a month, so at 1% you would be making $2910 (minus advertising costs and expenses).

That’s not bad! But after a while you get bored with that number and decide you want to double your income. Now there’s three ways you can do that:

1. You can double the price of your product from $97 to $194 (this will probably kill your 1% conversion and your overall profits would drop)

2. You could try driving double the traffic to your website and see what happens (this is not always easy, as traffic does not come on demand – it can also be a costly choice)

3. Or, you could work on improving your sales copy and increase your conversion rate to 2% (if you have a good product this is a very possible)

That is how powerful good sales copy is. Just by tweaking and improving your sales letter you can go from 3000 visitors a month with a $97 product converting at 1% for a total of $2910 in sales to: 3000 visitors a month with a $97 product converting at 2% for a total of $5820 in sales!

That’s Right, You Can Easily Double Or Sometimes Even Triple Your Profits Just By Improving Your Sales Letter!

Great! Now I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about what great copy writing can do for your business. So where do you go from here?

Well, you could try and improve your copy or write one from scratch all by yourself. Of course if you are clueless about copy writing, you won’t have much success.

Another option would be to hire a copy writer that knows what he’s doing. But even a novice copy writer that’s just starting out will charge you $500 – $1500, and that’s without any guaranteeing results! (A pro will charge $2500 to tens of thousands of dollars)

You could do that, or you could follow the simple and proven step-by-step methods outlined in this product package and write a killer, money sucking sales letter all by yourself…

Copywriting35 PDF eBooks, MP3 Audio and software with Marketing Pack

Product 1: 10 Top Online Sales Copy Mistakes

Product 2: A Guide to Copywriting to Promote Your Business

Product 3: Becoming an Expert at Copywriting

Product 4: Copy Pro (Create sales pages effortlessly!)

Product 5: Copywriters Black Book (See inside the copywriters mind)

Product 6: Copywriting Basics (Your guide to copywriting for the web)

Product 7: Copywriting Champion – The 8 Point Plan (with Articles, Audio MP3, Checklist and Mindmap)

Product 8: Copywriting for the Web – Basics

Product 9: Copywriting Business – 5 Day Crash Course

Product 10: Copywriting Revealed (Uncover the secrets to effective copywriting)

Product 11: Copywriting Secrets (Learn the top secrets to killer copywriting)

Product 12: Copywriting Simplified (The basic tricks on how to write persuasive ad copy)

Product 13: Create Compelling Web Copy (Simple tips and strategies)

Product 14: Effective Copywriting 101 (Copywriting tips for crafting killer sales letter)

Product 15: Email Copy That Sells Guides (5 Minute Sales Copy, 300 Power Words & Phrases, Email Copy That Sells, and Instant Winning Headlines)

Product 16: Essential Guide to Online Copywriting

Product 17: Great to Amazing Sales Copy (Foremost techniques salescopy that convert to sales)

Product 18: How to Copywrite Right

Product 19: Internet Copywriting (Success starts with the basics)

Product 20: Internet Copywriting Handbook

Product 21: Killer Copy Secrets (How to write profit-pulling copy in 8 easy steps)

Product 22: Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets

Product 23: Newbie’s Guide to Basic Copywriting (Learn the skills you need now to make more profits from your sales copy)

Product 24:Paperless Copywriting Guidebooks (Autoresponder Magic, Magnetic Salesletter, Marketing Miracle, Million Dollar eMails, Million Dollar Salesletters, The Buy Impulse, and Web Salesletter Supreme)

Product 25: Pro Copywriter (Discover how to convince your readers and boost your conversions)

Product 26: Salesletter Page Generator

Product 27: Six Figure Copywriting (Boost your conversions & sales)

Product 28: The Copywriter’s Handbook (Everything you need to know about selling effectively on the internet)

Product 29: The Copywriter’s Manual

Product 30: The Copywriter’s Swipe File Vault (Every swipe file you will ever need to master speed copywriting)

Product 31: The Copywriting Formula (Learn the copywriting formula in making sales)

Product 32: The Speedy Guide to Web Copywriting (Learn how to write your own sales copy in one day)

Product 33: The Ultimate Copywriting Handbook (How to write irresistible sales copy to get your readers’ attention and persuade them to buy)

Product 34: Video Squeeze Page Generator

Product 5: Writing Web Copy That Sells

Please note: All Software come ‘as is’. Though they were produced by reliable sources, they haven’t tested by us. Using these software is entirely at user’s risk.


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          CONTENTS: PDF eBooks, MP3 Audio, Software + Marketing Pack


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