Martial Arts And Self Defense Products Pack

Do You Want To Learn How To Protect Yourself? Have You Ever Thought About Learning The Art Of Self-Defense? Discover The World Of Martial Arts! Download this pack now!

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CONTENTS: PDF eBooks, Audio MP3, + Marketing Pack with Master Resell Rights! Sell it and keep 100% of the profit!

Do You Want To Learn How To Protect Yourself?

“Have You Ever Thought About Learning The Art Of Self-Defense? Discover The World Of Martial Arts!”


NOTE: This product is meant not to harm but to protect yourself from harm in this very dangerous world.


Just know that karate is not the only way to defend yourself. Not that there is anything wrong with karate. It’s just that when it comes to protecting yourself, there is more than one way to skin a cat. There is jujitsu, which is another art of self-defense. Jujitsu has been around for many years and is considered to be one of the most ancient martial arts forms of self-defense. Jujitsu is done in different ways. This self-defense method is based on different techniques, such as strikes, throws and locks. Jujitsu was not always used by the public. At one time, it was used for men in armor.

In this product pack, you will discover:
Four methods of combat that are used in jujitsu
What kind of actions go along with the methods
Kata competitions
Five main sectors of the arts of jujitsu training and what they stand for… and many more!

You will learn the basics of how you can defend yourself and about competitions that use jujitsu techniques and methods. They are not by any means moves that you can learn overnight. It takes practice and time to get them right. Getting this guide can help you to master what it takes to protect yourself from the opponent.

Jujitsu is also used as a mental and physical tool to help you gain self-confidence. It is not just for attacking your opponent and defending yourself. You will be able to gain discipline and strength just by implementing these techniques and methods.

This product will also teach you:
Four techniques used in jujitsu
Why strangulation is used in jujitsu
What are sweeps and escapes
Twelve principles of striking and what they stand for
The meaning of a throw
Five types of throws
How the biting, gouging, poking and grasping techniques are used in jujitsu
The meaning of atemi
What a takedown is
What the rolling technique is
What the arm bar technique is
What the wrist lock technique is
Difference of grappling styles

and many many more!

These subjects don’t even come close to what all is in this product pack. In fact, if you get it now, you will be able to find out what else you will be able to learn. So don’t delay, if you want to learn how to defend yourself, get this guide now!

The Complete Guide to Finally Understanding Martial Arts

There’s no sense in waiting until something happens or you want to get in a competition. Just think, this product pack can provide you with the upper edge you need to get ahead. Don’t squander the moment by being behind. There are other people who want to learn about these tactics themselves.

Since you now have the upper hand, then go ahead and take this opportunity to download this book now! If you don’t, you may come to regret it later. It’s important that people know how to protect themselves. Or if they just want to have fun in a competition, then by all means, this guide can help you to master some of the techniques that are used in jujitsu.

Jujitsu helps you with body control, balancing and being able to act quickly. In order to really understand it, you would have to get more details on each technique and method. You will only understand it once you read the guide.

There is so much to learn about jujitsu and mixed martial arts that the best time to start is right now!

Don’t give this another thought. Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves. There will be times when your opponent will use illegal moves to gain power over you. Your opponents are in it for the same reason you are—to win.

However, getting this guide can provide you with an advantage that you never thought about. You can blow away your opponent and others once you get this guide and apply the techniques and methods herein.


8 PDF eBooks, MP3 Audio + Marketing Pack

Product 1: Aikido (Learn the Martial Art, Aesthetics and Spiritual Way of Life!… with MP3 Audio and Articles)

Product 2: Martial Arts (Learn How to Protect Yourself )

Product 3: Martial Arts Introduction

Product 4: Mixed Martial Arts (The Basics of Jujitsu & MMA)

Product 5: Safety Soldier (Learn the Art of Self Defense the Easy Way)

Product 6: Self Defense 101 (Learn how to Defend Yourself even with No Training)

Product 7: Self Defense for Dummies (Guard Yourself in Times of Emergency)

Product 8: Self Defense for Women (Stay Safe with Proven Self Defense Tactics & Techniques)



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