Why Infographics Work For Marketing

Why Infographics Work For Marketing

Infographics are an important part of any well-rounded content strategy. It doesn’t matter what type of information you want to share; an infographic is a great way to do it. The main reason is that everyone’s brains are wired to learn things differently, but most people learn better if they have a combination of visual information (such as images), text, and interaction. That’s why most people use some sort of visual cues during a speech or presentation.


* We Are Visual Beings – Most of the research available shows that people retain information better if they can get a visual picture of it in their mind. Infographics help develop that visual picture of data that makes it easier to understand and remember.

* They Don’t Need Explaining – When an infographic is created correctly, there is no added explanation needed. The infographic will stand on its own as complete information and can be shared as-is without explanation.

* Easy to Share on Social Networks – Because of their visual and compact nature, like most image-based information they share better than text. Most people won’t share a Facebook update that doesn’t involve an image.

* They Can Go Viral – While infographics may not go as viral as the bathing cats, they can go viral enough within your industry. They are fabulous conversation starters and can even be controversial.

* They’re More Engaging – Because they have nice images, connected to data and text, they’re a lot more engaging. Some infographics are even interactive. It depends on how much you want to put into them, but they can make someone laugh, cry, or think depending on how the data is arranged.

* You Can Reach Your Target Audience Better – Everyone creates audience personas. But the truth is, we usually have more than one persona per audience, and an infographic gives us the opportunity to reach more of this audience.

* They Spread Awareness about Your Brand – If you put your mark on your infographics, they’ll also spread awareness about your brand and boost your expertise status. Most infographics are data centered so if you show you know your stuff, it helps your audience get to know your brand.

* They’re Simple to Create – With all the tools out there to create infographics today (such as Canva.com), you don’t need to be a graphic designer or use expensive hard-to-understand software to do it.

* Easy to Share in Multiple Ways – Infographics can be put on a website via an embed code, shared directly on social media, emailed or printed out. They work in multiple ways, so they’re easy to share across all platforms.

* They Bring More Traffic to Your Website – When you put a watermark on your infographics and make sure your infographic has a landing page, you’ll get a lot more traffic to your website. More traffic means more sales.

Infographics work because people like looking at them. They are easy to understand and contain information that your audience needs. And they’re simple to share. If you work hard creating good infographics, you will succeed.


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