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Work At Home Accounting Jobs

Accounting is becoming a type of work at home opportunity for many people. Whether it is for bookkeeping or accounting, many people are looking for someone to help with this task. Some have online QuickBooks and some need entries made into an excel spreadsheet every week. If you have a flare for numbers and can do data entry, some of these positions might be right for you.

You do not necessarily need an associate degree if you have some experience with some of the accounting software available. Companies today are looking for ways to outsource work and save money. Accounting software and independent contractors makes this easy to do. If you have a reliable computer, a fax machine and high-speed Internet, you can apply for a position in accounting or bookkeeping. You can work as many hours as you want during the week or you can work as little as you want.

It is possible to make your services available to more than one company at a time. Some of the companies that look for work at home accountants are smaller companies such as contractors, landscapers, trucking companies and entrepreneurs. Because these companies are usually smaller and have only a few hours of work a week, you will have plenty of time to work for more than one place.

If you have an accounting degree, you could charge more and work for some larger companies, but the smaller companies offer a competitive wage to moms that have no special degrees. You can find many of these jobs at public job boards or at some of the job bidding websites around the Internet. If you are available for long term or short-term work, you can find many accounting positions at home.

The software programs that companies use can differ. Some people prefer Peach Tree, while some prefer QuickBooks. If the position is for online data entry and accounting, you will not need any special software. However, if the client needs someone to do the work in the actual software, you would need to have this software available. Some companies also use Microsoft Excel because it is easier for them.

If the company uses Excel, you would need Microsoft Office with Excel. You would also have to have knowledge of how to do functions in Excel for accounting. You can take a self-paced class at a local college and learn everything you need to know about using Excel. This does not cost that much and pays for itself. If you need to understand QuickBooks, you can take an online tutorial to learn the different functions as well.

You can check with some of your local small businesses and offer your services as well. Many businesses do not have the ability or finances to hire a full time or part time employee, but do hire offsite bookkeepers and accountants to keep the books. If you have some business cards and a resume, you can send letters to the smaller companies with your rates or leave the pay open until they contact you. Taverns and restaurants are always looking for offsite bookkeepers.

Once you decide what you want to do to stay at home and still make a living, you will see how many opportunities there are for you to do with accounting and bookkeeping. You will find that working for smaller companies is so much nicer than working for big corporations. You have the flexibility to work at home and still have time for your family.

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