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Starting Your First Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is perhaps one of the best and easiest ways for a business to market their products or services. Facebook advertising functions on a per click (PPC) pay per click (CPC) model where you only pay the social network if a user clicks on your ad. Facebook advertising also helps businesses increase brand awareness, build awareness for their products and achieve measurable goals through tracking analytics and campaign management helping them make better, smarter decisions in the future. However, to take advantage of Facebook’s capabilities with CPM, businesses need to have a good understanding of how Facebook works and what are its parameters and limitations.

Understanding how to drive traffic to your site and your profile page is the first step on how to use Facebook advertising. A good starting point is the Facebook Home Page, which acts as a central location for all your activity. At this stage, it is best to understand what are the three main ad types on Facebook and how they can help you reach your objectives. When you are familiar with these ad types, you will have a better idea on how to categorize your ads accordingly.

Ads by URL: Facebook has two options when it comes to URL advertising. The first option is to let you specify a URL where your ads can be posted. This allows you to direct users to the landing page of your website. The second option is to let users browse through a list of ads you specify on the right hand side of the page. This allows users to compare and contrast the ads and choose which one best meets their needs. Note that the URL option is available only to advertisers who use PPC campaigns.

Step One: To kick off your Facebook campaign, it is best to create a campaign that allows you to run only one click per day for as long as it takes. In the” Campaigns” area, click on the link “Advertising Resources” and then click on “Run a Day Campaign.” This will take you to a page where you can specify the number of times you would like your ads to run. The number of clicks will determine how many people see your ads. Each time someone clicks through to your landing page, you earn money.

Step Two: Once you’ve defined how you wish to categorize the ads according to the three main ad types, make sure to apply it to your Facebook page. The classification option will be available from the campaigns section. Click on “Apply now.” This will apply the new leads ads to the page post.

There are many more options available in the Ads Manager. However, the steps listed above will get you started with the basics. You’ll need to use the tool to start pricing ads for your first ad campaign.

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